8 best men’s colognes of 2023: Shop celebrities’ signature scents

Want to smell like a star?

While plenty of Hollywood guys have featured in fragrance campaigns over the years — who could forget Adam Driver’s viral transformation into a centaur for Burberry? — they’re not always spritzing on scents they’re paid to endorse.

So whether you’re shopping for your next signature smell or picking out a gift for a guy in your life, why not choose a cologne that’s been tried and tested by celebrities?

We’ve broken down eight of stars’ favorite fragrances for men below, from Justin Bieber’s favorite woodsy blend to Tom Brady’s go-to vanilla scent.

(Plus, for more Hollywood-inspired fragrance finds, check out our guide to the best women’s perfumes, too.)

Saks Fifth Avenue

This scent never goes out of style. Famed exes Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are said to share a love for Tom Ford’s warm and spicy Tobacco Vanille. The “As It Was” hitmaker’s hairstylist, Lou Teasdale, once posted a snap of the bottle on his dressing room table. (Styles’ fans are equally obsessed; after identifying a Target candle with a strikingly similar scent, the votive sold out in a flash.)

It seems athletes can’t resist this particular fragrance, either; Tom Brady included Tobacco Vanille in his Father’s Day gift guide for Amazon.

Le Labo Santa 33
Saks Fifth Avenue

Billed as an “homage to the American West,” Le Labo’s famed Santal 33 is a Hollywood hit, with fans including Ryan Reynolds and Justin Bieber.

Filled with notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and leather, the unisex fragrance has also found devotees in Sophie Turner, Jodie Comer and Alexa Chung.

John Legend sings the praises of this warm floral scent on the regular and even included it in a Father’s Day gift guide “because it smells luxurious and sophisticated,” per Variety.

“I wear it every day and I feel dressed; like I’m complete when I put it on. I’m like, “Okay. Now, I’m ready to go,” he told Marie Claire in 2023 of the blend, which features notes of the titular flower in addition to black truffle and patchouli.

Creed Aventus Cologne

Self-proclaimed “cologne connoisseur” Mario Lopez can’t live without fragrances from Creed, a perfume house that was the official supplier for King George III and his royal court before it started selling its scents to the public in 1970.

While Lopez described Aventus as “a cool, sexy scent” in an interview with the Strategist, Charlie Puth prefers the brand’s Green Irish Tweed instead.

“I first discovered that this was my scent at the Gramercy Park Hotel,” he told GQ. “I think if September in New York every time I spritz it.”

Tom Ford White Suede
Tom Ford

Looking for another pro athlete pick? Don’t sweat it. Dwyane Wade once told the Strategist he uses this warm and spicy scent, saying, “It is how I imagine my sweat would smell if I were to sweat cologne.”

“It has a sweet yet manly musk smell that stays with me all day,” the NBA star added.

Versace Sau Fraiche cologne
Ulta Beauty/Versace

And the rose goes to … Versace. Former “Bachelor” Zach Shallcross once told Page Six Style he swore by this scent during his time as the show’s leading man.

“Unreal smell, simply put,” he raved. “I wear it every day!”

Dior Eau Sauvage

Prince Harry revealed in his bombshell memoir, “Spare,” that King Charles’ “personal scent” is this floral, citrusy classic.

Louis Vuitton Météore Fragrance
Louis Vuitton

From the guy on the halfpipe to the guy on the Chiefs, athletes can’t get enough of this scent. Sports reporter Erin Andrews called Travis Kelce the “best-smelling” NFL player on her podcast in 2022.

“I sat down with him — he smells like a dream,” she added on the “Today” show in 2023. “He’ll say, ‘It’s Louis, baby.’”

Shaun White’s also a fan of the spicy mandarin scent, as he once told Page Six Style it’s among his must-haves when packing for the Olympics. (“This is my favorite cologne I’m wearing at the moment … I’m a big scent guy,” he shared.)