Alabama Barker claps back at plastic surgery claims: ‘I’m naturally beautiful’

Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful!

Taking to Instagram last week, Alabama Barker, 18, fired back at a few internet trolls, hoping to clear up any speculation about her appearance.

The debate started after the daughter of Travis Barker and ex-wife Shanna Moakler shared a few photos of herself on Thursday wearing a yellow-and-green bikini with a coordinating crocheted cover-up.

Alabama Barker posted a few new bikini photos on Instagram last week. alabamaluellabarker/Instagram
The post received a handful of negative comments, including a few people sharing their belief that Barker had plastic surgery. alabamaluellabarker/Instagram

“This child has done alot of cosmetic surgery @ a very young age, I hope she doesn’t over do it!” one person commented underneath the pictures, which also showed the teen sporting her signature blond hair, elaborate false eyelashes and statement-making brown lip liner.

“She looks good now!”

Although they were far from the only one to share their thoughts on Barker’s looks, the budding rapper took time to respond and be transparent about the work she’s had done — or, rather, the work she hasn’t had done.

“I really appreciate the love !”  she wrote. “I’m natural, besides my lips, accept the fact I’m naturally beautiful.”

Barker quickly responded, saying she’s only ever had lip filler. alabamaluellabarker/Instagram
The “Meet the Barkers” alum added that it’s time to “accept the fact I’m naturally beautiful.” alabamaluellabarker/Instagram
Barker has previously opened up about getting lip filler, even tagging aesthetics practitioner Anush Movsesian in her Instagram Story last year. alabamaluellabarker/Instagram

Barker, who turned 18 on Dec. 24, previously opened up about getting lip injections last October, tagging aesthetics practitioner Anush Movsesian in her Instagram Story and calling the pro “the best in LA.”

The former “Meet the Barkers” star also isn’t a stranger to firing back at haters online.

“Sometimes I find myself wanting to clap back. Bite at everyone who barks at me,” she revealed on her Instagram Story in September of last year.

“But then I look at those people, like really look at them… what kind of life they’re living. The choice they’re making. The things they do. Compared to who I am, what I do & how I live. And that, itself keeps me humble.”

Travis’ daughter is no stranger to fielding negative comments about her appearance. Sara Jaye Weiss/Shutterstock
Last year, she said she would like to “bite at everyone who barks at me.” Getty Images
However, the budding rapper ultimately wishes negative commenters “well” and has stated that “the evil-hearted never wins.” Getty Images for The Recording Academy

She ultimately wished negative commenters well, adding a reminder that “the evil-hearted never wins.”

Luckily, Barker seemed to forget about any drama over the weekend, going on to post photos of herself wearing a red satin shirt and thong along with the caption, “Jealous of myself when I look at the camera 🎥❣️”

A day later, she also shared a few selfies with her best friend, Jodie Woods.

Earlier this year, Alabama made headlines as she accompanied her dad to get a tattoo. While Travis only received a touch-up to the ink on his knuckles, his daughter revealed new body art on the side of her hand that read, “Isn’t she lovely.”

“Fun fact,” she wrote on her Instagram Story afterward, “I was rocked as a baby to that song almost every night.”