Amanda Bynes debuts new platinum blond hair after seeking mental health treatment

Amanda Bynes has gone platinum.

The actress was spotted walking home from Starbucks in Marina del Ray, Calif. Thursday with her freshly dyed hair in two space buns.

Her hair also appeared to be shaved on the sides above her ears.

Bynes, who checked into an inpatient mental health treatment center in July, appeared to be doing well and wore a concentrated expression as she carried two venti-sized drinks in a travel tray.

She dressed in lilac skinny jeans and a cropped collared shirt emblazoned with text about following one’s dreams.

The “Amanda Show” alum wore black Vans and added another pop of color with red lipstick.

The actress’ hair was styled in space buns and was shaved above her ears. Diggzy /
She sported lilac skinny jeans and a cropped blue collared shirt with black sneakers. Diggzy /
Bynes added a pop of color with bright red lips. Diggzy /

Her public appearance occurred two days before she dropped her brand-new podcast, “Amanda Bynes & Paul Sieminski: The Podcast,” on Spotify.

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Bynes carried two venti-sized drinks from Starbucks on her walk. Diggzy /
She appeared concentrated on making sure nothing spilled. Diggzy /

In the first episode, Bynes, 37, and her biochemist co-host interview Los Angeles tattoo artist Dahlia Moth.

She previously revealed on Instagram that she and Sieminski, who she met in treatment, plan to interview their friends before diving into the celebrity world.

“It’s super impressive that Paul is going to be a part of it because he’s a scientist and a biochemist,” she added in her Instagram post.

The public outing came just before the former child star launched her brand-new podcast, “Amanda Bynes & Paul Sieminski: The Podcast.” amandaamandaamanda1986/Instagram

“So having his beautiful mind being a part of this podcast is just going to bring it to another level I think, ’cause he’s going to ask great questions and I think he’ll kind of carry most of the weight in terms of just like, topics of conversation.”

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising graduate was last spotted with dark brunette hair exiting Capo Smoke & Cigar and a Ralphs supermarket in Orange County in August amid her stay at the mental health center.

At the time, a source close to Bynes told Page Six she had recently been placed in the center’s minimal supervision group, which allowed her to leave the campus during certain hours of the day.

It also came months after she was seen running errands during her stay at a mental health treatment facility. Amanda Bynes/Instagram

She had fans concerned earlier this year when she was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold after she was found walking around Los Angeles naked.

The episode occurred nearly one year after her eight-year conservatorship ended.

Following the termination of the conservatorship, she thanked her fans for their unwavering support and teased she has “upcoming endeavors” such as a fragrance line.