Amy Robach ‘wanted to die’ post-scandal, did ‘welfare check’ on T.J Holmes during ‘year of hell’

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are pulling back the curtain on their “year of hell” post-scandal.

The ousted “GMA3” co-hosts looked back on their relationship coming to light in November 2022 in the first episode of their “Amy & T.J.” podcast, out Tuesday.

Robach, 50, teared up while telling listeners that she “wanted to die” as they navigated the fallout.

“There were days when I wanted to die,” the cancer survivor recalled. “That was something I never experienced before in my life.

“I just didn’t want to get up,” she continued. “I didn’t want to see what new headlines was going to be out there.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Robach got emotional as she elaborated on the “dark” time Holmes, 46, experienced after their romance went public — which led to her doing a “welfare check” on her partner in a “terrifying” moment she “will never forget.”

Robach “wanted to die” when their relationship made headlines in 2022. amyandtjpodcast/Instagram
She did a “welfare check” on Holmes during the “dark” time. amyandtjpodcast/Instagram

Robach’s “panic” began when she received texts from Holmes “in the past tense,” as well as messages from ABC producers struggling to “try to get in touch” with him.

The “hysterical” journalist was “so afraid he had done something” that she and her dad drove to Holmes’ apartment via Uber and went into his room with the doorman’s help.

“You were just splayed out on your bed. I ran to you and said, ‘T.J.,’ and you didn’t move,” Robach remembered. “It was the most awful thing having to touch your body and see if you were warm. I was so afraid. You were just incoherent.”

As for how he “ended up in the state [he] was in,” Holmes explained, “That day was essentially me getting off work and pounding vodka. I didn’t stop for several hours and took who knows how many weed edibles.”

The ousted “GMA3” co-hosts are now “happier than ever” post-scandal. Ben Trivett/Shutterstock

The duo, who have proved they’re still going strong with a joint half marathon and a recent red carpet debut, went on to assure listeners that they are “happier than ever” and “in love.”

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In fact, the “best friends” gushed that their relationship is “stronger and better” as they “plan a life together” in the wake of the scandal.

The wide-ranging episode dropped on the anniversary of the day the pair were suspended from their jobs.

The duo, who denied cheating on their former spouses, are “planning a life together.” Instagram/, ajrobach

At the time, Robach and Holmes were married to Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig, respectively — although they denied having an affair, clarifying that those unions were over when they were “outed” as a couple.

The former ABC personalities, who have not spoken publicly about the scandal since, described themselves “bottom line” on Tuesday as “the folks who lost the jobs [they] love because [they] love each other.”

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