Andy Cohen hits back at Jen Shah’s black eye denial, claim he’s ‘butt hurt’ over interview snub

Andy Cohen hit back at Jen Shah after she denied that she gave Heather Gay a black eye — despite the latter confirming she was the culprit on the “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” Season 4 finale Tuesday.

Following Gay’s bombshell confession, Shah took to her Instagram Story to combat the claim, saying if she had punched Gay, there would be footage of it.

She also took aim at Cohen, who she says is still “butthurt” she refused to do a one-on-one interview with him following her conviction for fraud.

On Cohen’s radio show Wednesday morning, however, the Bravo head honcho — who ironically was a recent victim of a telemarketing scam — told listeners that the network did not have any footage the alleged altercation, and if they did, they certainly would have aired it. But that doesn’t mean the incident didn’t happen.

“I don’t want to be Captain Obvious here, but if we had footage, don’t you think we would have aired it?” the 55-year-old sarcastically asked.

Andy Cohen said that Bravo does not have footage of the alleged altercation that occurred between Jen Shah and Heather Gay which resulted in the latter sustaining a black eye. Getty Images for SiriusXM
Gay named Shah as her attacker on the “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” finale on Tuesday. Bravo

“Don’t you think we would have [shown] Heather saying, ‘I don’t know how I got the black eye’ and then don’t you think we would have cut to the footage with a Chiron that said, ‘Four hours earlier?’”

The explanation was a response to Shah’s assertion that Bravo “would have footage to prove it” if she had “punched Heather in her eye.”

A source close to Bravo also told Page Six Tuesday that the network doesn’t have footage from when the injury occurred.

Shah claimed on Instagram Tuesday that she did not “give” Gay a black eye. GC Images
The convicted felon also says Cohen is “butt hurt” because she wouldn’t do an exclusive interview with him. Jen Shah/Instagram

Cohen also addressed Shah’s claim that he’s still mad at her for turning down a previous interview offer.

“Second of all, I had forgotten about the one on one with Jen,” he continued. “She is right. I did want to do a one on one with her [but] I don’t care about it anymore. I’m over it.”

He then claimed that the reason the pair didn’t sit down for an interview was because Shah’s “stipulations were insane.”

“I don’t care about it anymore,” he said of interviewing the fraudster. “I’m over it.” Christopher Peterson /

According to Cohen, Shah wanted Bravo to do a “docuseries of her days leading up to jail” and “a lot of money” in exchange for the exclusive — despite the fact she was still “lying” and “professing her innocence” at the time.

“So, that’s that,” he concluded. “That’s my response to that.”

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Although Gay previously claimed she didn’t know how she sustained the injury, she revealed on Tuesday’s finale that she lied to “protect” her former friend amid the fraudster’s trial.

Prior to Tuesday night’s episode, Gay had played coy about how she got the shiner. Bravo

“I felt like I had to lie to protect her. I did whatever it took,” Gay told her castmates. “I went on a book tour and defended her and took s—t for the fact that she gave me a black eye.”

Gay had changed her story numerous times ever since she debuted the hefty shiner during Season 3.

While she once said she knew what happened and wanted her attacker to own up to it, she later claimed she “blacked out” and didn’t know what happened.

However, she often dropped hints that it was Shah who inflicted the injury.