Anna Delvey is using her next court appearance as a ‘fashion presentation’ for her brand 

Budding fashion publicist Anna Delvey is putting on the first-ever “court-appearance-as-fashion-presentation” later this week, Page Six has learned.

As we first reported, the beloved scam artiste launched a fashion PR consultancy, the OutLaw Agency, with biz legend Kelly Cutrone last year.

Its first event was a buzzed-about Fashion Week show for suiting atelier SHAO New York that the agency staged on the roof of “Fake Heiress” Delvey’s East Village apartment (where she was under house arrest at the time).

Delvey and fashion biz legend Kelly Cutrone co-founded the OutLaw Agency last year.
The agency hosted its first event on the roof of Delvey’s East Village apartment, where she was under house arrest.

Now we’re told that OutLaw’s second event will be an upcoming immigration hearing at a New York courtroom, which will double (whether it likes it or not) as a press preview for new pieces from SHAO New York.

Outlaw announced to Page Six on Wednesday that Delvey — who will be appearing at a hearing about her $10,000 bail bond, whether or not a court-ordered ban on her social media will be lifted, and the terms of her house arrest — will be “wearing a custom SHAO New York black oversized twill suit with a high-waisted pencil skirt and a high slit paired with a white cotton button-down shirt with built-in shoulder pads and a silk velvet pussy bow tie” for the court date. Sketches for the look even include her now-trademark ankle monitor.

Her courtroom fashion made headlines during her 2019 trial. Steven Hirsch

With designers facing ever-more difficulty getting attention for their wares, it seems that the OutLaw team figured they may as well harness the attention from her court appearance to get press for their client (which is, after all, the job of a fashion PR consultant).

During her 2019 trial for screwing hotels, banks, other businesses and individuals out of tens of thousands of dollars by posing as a German artistocrat, Delvey’s courtroom fashion made almost as many headlines as her crimes. Delvey — whose real name is Anna Sorokin — used a stylist for her court appearances and even refused to attend her own hearing on one occasion after designer duds failed to arrive at her cell in time for her to appear in appropriately chic attire.

We’re told Delvey and designer Shao Yang put together this week’s bold look as a comment on the expectation that defendants should wear demure outfits in front of judges.

She was convicted in 2019 and served two years in prison before being remanded into the custody of ICE.

“Why are we as women being asked to dress a certain way when we enter a courtroom, or a boardroom, or a dinner party? Why are others trying to control our level of innocence based on what we wear?,” OutLaw Agency co-founder Cutrone told us, “This is discrimination in its most subtle and intriguing form and we’re here to change it up. We have respect for the legal system and they should have respect for the fashion system.”

Delvey was convicted on attempted grand larceny, larceny in the second degree, and theft of services, and was sentenced to 4 to 12 years in prison.

She served two years and was remanded into the custody of ICE in 2022. She’s since been fighting to stay in the US rather than face deportation to Germany.