Ariana Madix ‘wouldn’t be surprised’ if ‘Pump Rules’ fans turn on her when new season airs

Ariana Madix is ready for the pendulum to swing.

The “Vanderpump Rules” star — whose ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval’s explosive cheating scandal made her an instant fan-favorite last season — is admittedly prepared for fans to turn on her when Season 11 premieres in January.

“Mark my words, everyone’s gonna hate Ariana this season, and develop a soft spot for Tom,” an Instagram user remarked, which prompted Madix to comment back, “certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the audience swings that way.”

In a short teaser for the upcoming season of the reality show, Madix, 38, tears into Sandoval, 41, for “ruin[ing]” both her “life” and her “home” before alleging that he “attempt[ed] to kill [her] f–king dog.”

“My lawyer will be dealing with you,” she fires at him intensely, to which he replies calmly, “I’m out.”

Ariana Madix is prepared for backlash from fans when “Vanderpump Rules” returns.
When an Instagram user suggested that everyone will “hate” Madix in Season 11, she replied, “certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the audience swings that way.”
A short teaser for the new season showed Madix ripping into ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval following his cheating scandal.
Jen Lowery /

Elsewhere in the trailer, James Kennedy draws a literal line in the sand during a group beach outing.

“That’s Ariana’s side; Sandoval’s side over here,” the DJ says, dramatically dragging his foot. “Don’t go over the line!”


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In another scene, Lisa Vanderpump seems to advocate for her TomTom partner when she tells Lala Kent and Scheana Shay, “To lose his best friend, his business is up the creek — everything has gone wrong in his life.”

She also accuses him of trying to kill her dog.
Todd Williamson/Bravo
The reality show returns to Bravo in January.

The screen flashes and shows Shay giving Sandoval a hug as Katie Maloney’s voice is heard saying, “If you’re gonna be friends with him, she’s gonna f—king cut you off, so think about your next move very carefully.”

Sandoval later lets out an agonizing cry during what appears to be a therapy session.

“Vanderpump Rules” returns to Bravo in January.