Bethenny Frankel says you ‘need’ this ‘game-changer’ shower scarf — and it’s finally back in stock

Winter may have come and gone, but this special scarf is always in season.

When Bethenny Frankel posted a rave review of the exfoliating Hanni Shower Scarf ($16) on TikTok in January, the skincare staple to flew off the shelves almost immediately.

But right now, the under-$20 beauty buy she declared “on another level” is finally back in stock (for now).


While Frankel admitted to initially wondering “what the hell is that?” when unpacking the lengthy cloth, she quickly determined the product  — designed to cleanse and exfoliate dead skin — is a “game changer.”

“This is your friend … to get your feet and body from dry to soft,” said Frankel, quipping, “I am soft as a baby’s ass.”

The podcast host — who’s known for her candid beauty reviews of budget-friendly finds — kept the praise going on Instagram, writing, “Wanna go from lizard to luxurious? You need this.”

Bethenny Frankel on TikTok holding a shower scarf
The star’s known for her candid product reviews. bethennyfrankel/TikTok

While she said she hadn’t been paid by the brand or explored its wares before, Frankel told followers she was going to “try it all” after her glowing review of the shower scarf.

Should you want to follow suit, the brand’s Amazon store also includes plenty of other body care products — ranging from razor kits ($42) and holders ($12) to a moisturizing body mask ($34).

Below, shop additional finds from Hanni:

Hanni Splash Salve

Four razors

A pink razor holder

Spray on moisturizer