Bethenny Frankel wears Chanel returning to ‘elitist’ store — and gets let in: ‘No problem today’

Bethenny Frankel is back at Chanel.

After previously being denied entry to the brand’s “elitist” and “exclusionary” Chicago store, the former “Real Housewife” wore head-to-toe designer duds for her second attempt inside.

The ex-Bravolebrity, 53, told her Instagram followers Thursday that she was “dressed much differently” for her “Chanel field trip.”

Bethenny Frankel returned to Chanel after previously being denied entry. Bethenny Frankel/Instagram
This time, the former “Real Housewife” dressed the part. Bethenny Frankel/Instagram

Frankel looked perfectly ladylike in a pearl-buttoned dress and heels, completing her look with Chanel earrings and one of the house’s signature quilted flap bags.

“If they let me in because of how I look, Christmas is canceled,” the reality star said.

Sure enough, she chatted with three “lovely” gentleman outside the store before being allowed entry — only for Frankel to walk in and walk right back out.

She was allowed into the “elitist” and “exclusionary” Chicago store. Bethenny Frankel/Instagram
“No problem today,” Frankel proclaimed. Bethenny Frankel/Instagram

“No problem today,” she mused during her triumphant departure.

The previous day, Frankel was told she needed to make an appointment to shop, which she took issue with despite acknowledging that “security is critical” because “crime is at an all time high.”

The former “Bethenny” host was fresh from the airport at the time, sporting a white tee and holding “a bag of Garrett’s popcorn [and] a basic bitch purse.”

The day before, Frankel was told to make an appointment. bethennyfrankel/Instagram
She was fresh from the airport at the time. bethennyfrankel/Instagram

“I didn’t realize we weren’t allowed to walk into stores anymore,” she said in the Wednesday video. “Gotta get a pap smear appointment and also to walk into Chanel. No big deal.

“In business, first impressions are lasting,” Frankel continued. “I would never want anyone to feel lesser than, particularly from a luxury brand making billions off of people buying into the hype.”

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Many of her fans celebrated her success the following day, with one calling her “walk in and walk out … epic.”

The ex-Bravolebrity slammed the brand in a video. bethennyfrankel/Instagram
Her followers praised Frankel’s triumphant return. bethennyfrankel/Instagram

Another gushed, “I cackled when I saw you strut in FULL HEAD TO TOE CHANEL 😂 omg you are the BEST 😂.”

Other social media users compared Frankel to Julia Roberts’ character Vivian Ward in “Pretty Woman” and asked what she said in the few seconds she was inside.

Reps for Chanel have yet to return Page Six Style’s requests for comment.