Bianca Censori puts everything on display in nothing but a clear raincoat with Kanye West

At least she’s protected from the elements.

Bianca Censori wore a clear raincoat with nothing underneath it for a trip to a music studio with Kanye West in Los Angeles on Monday.

Censori’s clear poncho had some black lettering on the front of it to cover some of her chest region, and the buttons up and down the jacket also made it slightly less transparent, though her curves were certainly on display.

However, she did strategically hold her phone in one of her hands and placed it over her lower private section, since that area did not have any branding.

It’s unclear exactly what was written on the coat, but it appeared to read “DAILY” written in big letters with various numbers and letters below and above the logo.

The Yeezy architect only added a pair of black knee-high heeled boots while she appeared to have nothing else on underneath the poncho.

Censori, 29, put her hood up over her head and held onto her hubby’s hand while braving the severe storms.

Censori appeared to only add black heel boots to the look. Khrome/ The Daily Stardust / BACKGRID
She held onto West’s hand while he wore a layered look. Khrome/ The Daily Stardust / BACKGRID

Meanwhile, the “Gold Digger” rapper, 46, opted for a more conservative look in a black leather jacket, black pants, black rain boots and black leather gloves.

West customized his look by wearing a black face mask covering his entire head and a large tarp-like beige poncho over his all-black outfit.

The clear rain gear has become a staple piece for the couple as they were recently spotted wearing similar looks two weeks ago.

The “Heartless” rapper and his wife have previously stepped out in several head-turning outfits. GC Images

The Grammy winner and his wife were previously photographed each wearing plastic rain jackets, though Censori’s previous look was blue and slightly less transparent than her most recent look.

She also paired hers with a pair of black underwear at the time.

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Meanwhile, West went with a tan Balenciaga jacket and wore black pants and black boots for the outfit.

The “Heartless” artist and Censori have both sported a slew of interesting looks over the last year. Most recently, West shared a snap of his wife wearing just a thong and a nearly transparent Yeezy x Mowalola “Wet” tank top.

The Yeezy employee even went through a latex phase. ARKANGEL/Instagram
The Grammy winner has also worn some out-of-the-box outfits. angelinacensori/Instagram

Censori has also been spotted out and about in a metal mesh bikini, outfits made out of sheer tights and even a pillow held close to her chest.

The Yeezy founder has also turned heads for his style and opted for a “Friday the 13th”-esque white hockey face mask to his and Kim Kardashian’s son Saint’s basketball game last week.

The duo have been making headlines since they got legally married on Dec. 20, 2022.