Celebrities go nuts for Kopari’s coconut-based skincare: Here’s our honest review

While viral skincare fads come and go, hydrated skin is always in.

And with swimsuit season officially here, it’s an especially great time to stock up on products that promise a full-body glow — not just face-focused formulas.

Just ask Kourtney Kardashian; the star’s Poosh site once published a piece titled “How to Look Good Naked,” spotlighting Kopari’s Organic Coconut Melt ($29) and writing, “to achieve glowy skin, it’s important to moisturize everything — everywhere.”

She’s hardly the only celebrity fan of the stuff; Shay Mitchell once shouted it out in a Popsugar interview, saying, “I use coconut oil for everything chapped: cuticles, body, hair, everything.”

Zöe Kravitz, meanwhile, revealed she uses it to hydrate her hair along with her body in a Vogue “Beauty Secrets” video.

So with summer on the way, we had to know if the brand’s coconut-based skincare was worth going nuts over. Read on for our honest review.



  • Skin felt silky smooth after using
  • Smells like a beach getaway
  • Leaves a glowing finish on the skin


  • Formula can take on a liquid-like consistency when warmed

Kopari’s coconut oil melt is billed as a “deep conditioner for her bod” that also works as a hair mask, makeup remover and shave oil. In a (coco)nutshell, it’s a true multitasker.

And after putting it to the test for six months — and going through a full container of the stuff — I can see why stars are so obsessed. My legs have never felt smoother, and it’s become a staple of my weekly skincare routine.

I was surprised and delighted that despite its oil-based formula, this hydrator didn’t feel heavy on my skin. (Although I’d recommend waiting a few minutes before putting on tight clothing afterwards to avoid stains, as the product tends to liquify in warmer weather.)

Kopari body scrub


  • Super hydrating
  • My skin felt a lot smoother after one use
  • Feels like a massage


  • Depending on how often you use, it’s easy to go through it quickly

Like the line’s hero product, Kopari’s scrub is packed with coconut oil for hydration — plus exfoliating ingredients like crushed coconut shells and brown sugar to help buff off dry skin.

While I’d never been a big fan of body scrubs before, this sweet-smelling exfoliating scrub converted me. It’s a great way to add a little luxury to your shower, and I’ve given it as a gift on multiple occasions.

I love that it rinses off easily and doesn’t leave my skin feeling overly greasy. I typically follow it up with the Coconut Melt for an added boost of moisture once a week.

Kopari sunscreen


  • Easy to pack
  • Glides on mess-free
  • Provides instant glow on areas like the chest and collarbones


  • Might be a bit too glittery for those who prefer a more subtle look
  • Stick is a bit fragile

While I’ve tried out a couple of other shimmer-packed sunscreens, my favorite so far is this sheer stick that boasts SPF 40 protection, plus ingredients like vitamin E and soothing ginger root.

The formula felt lightweight on my skin and glided on effortlessly thanks to the compact tube, which is easy to stash in your bag while on the go. (It’s also billed as sweat- and water-resistant for up to 40 minutes, although I haven’t yet put it to the test for a beach day or workout.)

One tip: Be careful while applying, as the stick has a gel-like consistency and can break. I accidentally twisted the knob on the bottom when the cap was on, causing the stick to disintegrate.

How we tested

I’ve sworn by both the Organic Coconut Melt and Exfoliating Crush Scrub or at least six months now, and use both during an “everything shower” of sorts once a week. I tested the brand’s SPF products after they launch this spring, and swiped some on to get glowing before a fancy event.

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