Delilah Belle Hamlin shares her beauty essentials, from a ‘must-have’ shampoo to a ‘perfect’ lash serum

Delilah Belle Hamlin grew up alongside mom Lisa Rinna in the beauty and entertainment industries — but these days, she’s spreading her own wings.

Following years of modeling and acting experience, the star is diving into design with a Venus fashion collaboration (dubbed the Monarch collection for her love of butterflies), which saw her selecting silhouettes, fabrics and more.

She’s also branched out into the music industry as of late, turning heads on industry red carpets and releasing her debut single, “Nothing Lasts Forever,” in March.

But while nothing may last forever, the model-turned-musician’s love for a select few beauty staples has stood the test of time.

Below, the star tells us about the products she can’t live without, from a contouring ice roller to a “divine”-smelling hair oil.


“One of the best things to exist! This completely de-puffs my face while contouring it at the same time.”

A model in a faux fur coat, black bra and silk skirt

“I love the black silk skirt because it’s a staple piece to have in my wardrobe. I love pairing it with sneakers for a casual day look or dressing it up with kitten heels for an evening look.”

A Laneige lip sleeping mask

“I love this lip mask because you can wear it throughout the day for the perfect moisture and shine but can also use it for what it’s meant for, which is sleeping in it. And the craziest thing is, I’ll wake up and it’s STILL on and shiny, and my lips just feel extra juicy!”

Virtue hair oil

“I love this hair oil because it smells divine and truly works at repairing dry or damaged hair.”

lash serum

“I love this lash serum so much! I’ve been using it for almost two years now. It doesn’t irritate your eyes —which is something lash serums typically have done to me in the past — so this is the perfect one!”

Olaplex Np.4P shampoo

“Lastly, If you have blond hair, this is the perfect purple shampoo. While it color-corrects, it also strengthens your hair. A must-have for me!”