Denise Richards claims she only had a drink before ‘hot f–king mess’ return to ‘RHOBH’

Denise Richards got candid about her bizarre behavior during her return to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” for a cannabis dinner party.

The Bravo alum raised eyebrows earlier this month when she appeared incoherent and made a series of odd faces at her co-stars while also starting some drama.

“I didn’t take anything — I had a drink before I went,” she told Bethenny Frankel on her “Just B” podcast Sunday.

“I was nervous seeing the women, that was it,” the actress insisted, adding she only then had “half a drink” at the party.

Additionally, she confessed to taking a dose of “regular cold medicine” before meeting up with the cast to treat a terrible cold.

“I didn’t take anything — I had a drink before I went,” the Bravo alum told Bethenny Frankel on her “Just B” podcast Sunday. Instagram/@justbwithbethenny

Despite mixing alcohol with cold medicine, the 52-year-old actress said she did not consume any cannabis, which was pre-planned with the show’s producers.

“I don’t do weed, I don’t do edibles, I don’t do any of that,” she explained. “It doesn’t mix well with my body. I tried weed twice, for the record, and I don’t like it.”

However, she did contemplate that her food might have been mixed up with someone else’s who had chosen to add cannabis to their meal.

Richards furthered she doesn’t smoke weed and was promised cannabis-free food by TV producers. Instagram/@justbwithbethenny

“I’ve never been like that in my entire life,” she added. “Maybe there was a mixup in the meal or the water.”

“Progressively during the evening I felt worse and worse,” the “Wild Things” actress continued, adding she doesn’t remember half the night.

“It was bizarre,” she said. “All I know is when I got home, I was like ‘There’s something wrong with me.’”

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But the actress admitted to being sick the night of the party and taking a dose of cold medicine before arriving. Bravo

And while the former Bravolebrity lamented not staying home, she explained that she was afraid of what her former co-stars would say if she canceled at the last minute.

She also admitted that she has yet to watch the episode because she is scared that she might have said something she regrets.

“I obviously made an ass out of myself, so I was like ‘Why the hell am I going to watch myself like that?’”

Despite remaining mostly sober, Richards claimed she “went sideways” and doesn’t remember half the night. Bravo

Richards also detailed to Frankel why she snapped at “RHOBH” star Dorit Kemsley for pointing out her upside-down jacket.

“She does this with everyone — especially me,” Richards told the Skinny Girl founder. “She’ll be like, ‘Your lipstick doesn’t look right. You need some lip gloss. You got mascara. Your hair is out of place.’ That’s why I was like, ‘Stop. I don’t care … Shut the f—k up’ … Like, do you feel like you need to do that to make yourself feel secure?” 

“Not once that I’ve seen her has she not said one thing about my appearance,” she continued. “I didn’t give a s—t that my jacket was upside down, I wanted to get the hell out of there.”

She assumes servers may have accidentally given her food with cannabis. Bravo

Richards also spoke out about her confrontation with Erika Jayne after the actress accused her former co-star of treating her badly.

During the episode, Richards wasn’t able to list the reasons why she was upset with Jayne but explained to Frankel her outburst was a result of unresolved emotions.

“How do you not know you were such an a–hole,” Richards told the “Real Housewives of New York City” alum.

Richards refuses to watch the “RHOBH” episode out of fear she will regret something she said or did. Bravo

The OnlyFans model — who was on “RHOBH” from Season 9 to 10 — alleged Jayne was nice to her at first before switching her tune.

Meanwhile, Jayne appeared confused during the episode as she told Richards she didn’t “feel anything personal toward” her.

Several fans and “Housewives” assumed Richards was under the influence during the dinner and claimed she was a “hot f–king mess.”