Donna Kelce says ‘fashionista’ son Travis Kelce dresses ‘to make people laugh’

Mama Kelce knows best.

Donna Kelce sat down with Martha Stewart to talk about her life as an NFL mom during a new Mother’s Day episode of “The Martha Stewart Podcast” on Wednesday, and she admitted that her youngest son, Travis Kelce, often rocks wild styles “to make people laugh or to talk.”

When asked to describe three qualities about the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Donna, 71, said, “He’s a fashionista.”

Donna Kelce said her youngest son, Travis, had a “good heart.” Getty Images
Donna praised her son’s ability “to make people laugh” with his wild fashion sense. AFP via Getty Images
The Kansas City Chiefs player often steps out in loud outfits. killatrav/Instagram

While she said “image and what he looks like” is “very important” for Travis — who has been dating Taylor Swift for nearly a year — the mother of two said the football star wasn’t doing it to be superficial.

“It’s more to put a smile on people’s faces. At times, I mean, he’ll dress the way he needs to. But most of the time, he’s doing it to make people laugh or to talk,” Donna explained.

“And he loves being at the center of attention, which we all know that,” she added.

Travis and girlfriend Taylor Swift stepped out together at Coachella 2024. Jennifer Johnson/Shutterstock for Neon Carnival
“He’s very, very generous,” Donna told Martha Stewart of her son. Instagram/@chiefs
Donna said her both of her sons dreamed about being in the Super Bowl one day. killatrav/Instagram

When Stewart chimed in, “So he’s a showoff?” Donna didn’t mince words.

“Yes, he is,” she said, jumping in to add, “And he’s very, very generous. Good heart.”

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Travis has certainly stayed true to his mom’s “fashionista” label over the years, rocking a variety of bold colors and loud patterns while arriving to games or partying with pals.

But like Mama Kelce said, he knows how to “dress the way he needs to” also, stepping out in outfits like a sharp suit and fedora at last week’s Kentucky Derby.

Travis arrived to a January playoff game in Buffalo while rocking a mustard-hued suit. London Entertainment /Splash
The NFL star is fond of a bright pattern. killatrav/Instagram
The Chiefs star attended the Kentucky Derby last week. Acre Media for Authentic

As for Jason, 36, the proud mom said the former Philadelphia Eagles player was “very tenacious” and “has a good work ethic” along with being “quite funny.”

Donna also admitted that her older son — who went viral for his shirtless antics during the NFL playoffs this year — was “just as crazy as Travis is at times.”

The Chico’s ambassador told Stewart that when she looks at old photos, she can see the same personality traits shining in her kids.

“I see Travis always dancing and shaking his behind and Jason always with a bat or ball in his hand,” she said, adding that both of her sons “believed in their soul” that they’d make it to the Super Bowl one day.

Perhaps Travis will gift his mom something fashionable this Mother’s Day.