Dorinda Medley on home must-haves and which ‘RHONY’ star made the biggest mess at Blue Stone Manor

Dorinda Medley literally wrote the book on making it nice.

And while her famed Blue Stone Manor has been home to many messy “RHONY” moments (both literally and figuratively), she always has a plan to get things sparkling.

“When you keep a house like Blue Stone Manor clean, you’ve got to stay on top of it,” the Bravo alum tells Page Six Style of the palatial property while discussing her recent partnership with Clorox. 

And while she’s seen plenty of castmates talk turkey during visits, a meat-related mess of a different kind stands out as the “hardest to clean”: when Ramona Singer “took a whole bowl of turkey gravy and poured it” on her dining room chairs, causing what she describes as a cleaning “nightmare.”

Dorinda Medley’s in spring cleaning mode. Joseph Mikos

When asked which castmates were the cleanest overall on cast trips, Medley gives props to two OG New York “Housewives.”

“The neatest, tidiest Housewife that I’ve ever been around is Luann [de Lesseps],” she tells us, also shouting out Singer as she “has run homes all her life and entertained as well.”

If you’re jockeying for a spot on Medley’s nice (or should we say, making it nice?) list yourself, read on for her household must-haves — from the pasta machine she likened to a “love affair” to chic table lighting.

Atlas pasta maker

“It is truly a game changer. I think you got to put some grit into it, and you got to really feel like it’s happening when you make pasta. It’s like a love affair. Making pasta is like making love. You got to feel it. It can’t be automatic. This thing will change your life.”

Beautiful by Drew Barrymore seafoam green air fryer

“I think everybody should have an air fryer. I bought the Drew Barrymore [one]. I’m obsessed with it.”

Clorox Foaming Toilet Bomb

“The thing I hate dealing with so much is the toilets and the toilet bowls … so the [Clorox] toilet bombs are the bomb. They really are. You can put it in there and it makes it smell great and cleans up anything.”

Dyson V8 Vacuum

“I bought the brand-new Dyson vacuum cleaner. I’m obsessed with it.”

"Poppy Cooks" cookbook for air fryers

“It has changed my life, air frying. It really has. [I] barely use my oven anymore!”

A table light with a lampshade on it
Mrs. Alice

“[Mrs. Alice] does the best table lighting. It comes in little bamboo shades and multi-color shades. It’s a game changer for inside and outside.”