‘GMA’ forced to flee Times Square studio, staffers aren’t happy

“Good Morning America’s” long run at Times Square Studios is coming to an end.

ABC’s flagship morning news show has long used a location at the Crossroads of the World that — much like rival “Today” — allows it to feature an excitable throng of regular folk in the background.

But the network is preparing to relocate downtown to New York’s Hudson Square neighborhood, where parent company Disney is setting up shop in a shiny new office tower.

“Part of moving to this very expensive building is they want ‘GMA’ to give up the Times Square Studios lease,” an insider told Page Six.

The move to the residential neighborhood means the show may now lose the touristy fans who gather to watch hosts Robin Roberts, Michael Strahan and George Stephanopoulos deliver the news through the window, because the new digs may not have any windows, or outdoor space.

“It may be in the basement! The talent and producers are not happy about it [and] it leaves advantage to ‘Today,’” the show’s morning competitor, the source said.

“GMA” is being forced to leave Times Square when Disney moves to Hudson Square.
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ABC News is expected to move to Hudson Square in 2025.
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It’s not exactly a preoccupation for ABC execs, however, as the move won’t happen until 2025, according to another source. “It’s the news business. Everyone’s focused more on tomorrow than next month,” the insider said.

Plus, they said, “The city is the set. It’s exciting that Disney is investing in a new state of the art building, which will be great for the show.”

Tourists will likely no longer be able to gather outside to watch the anchors at the new location.
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The move downtown will also allow producers, talent and staff to work under one roof. Now they split their time between Times Square and offices on the Upper West Side, which is 20 blocks north.

Still, we hear ABC News president Kim Godwin “tried to fight” the move, but was unsuccessful according to another source.

Meanwhile, Godwin is prepping for a town hall meeting next month, and she’s expected to address the move, we’re told.

A source said “GMA” will use NYC and locations as a set.
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An ABC News spokesperson told us in a statement: “‘Good Morning America’ is defined by the strength of our team in front of and behind the camera, quality of our reporting, and the long, trusted relationship with our viewers. Moving all ABC News teams to our new state-of-the-art building was a strategic decision that will allow for more collaboration and innovation.”

A source said: “‘GMA’ will regularly use locations in New York City and communities across America as a set.”