How Queen Camilla’s $10 million brooch gives sweet nod to Kate Middleton

Sapphires are forever.

Queen Camilla rocked a blue look as she visited the Isle of Man on Wednesday, and her enormous sapphire-and-diamond brooch might just have been a subtle show of support for her conspiracy-theory-stricken daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton.

The 76-year-old queen sported a historic brooch that belonged to Queen Victoria for the occasion, wearing a sparkling blue design that strongly resembles the Princess of Wales’ iconic engagement ring.

Queen Camilla wore a stunning sapphire-and-diamond brooch that might have been a nod to Kate Middleton. WireImage
The roughly 40-carat brooch is surrounded by 12 diamonds and belonged to Queen Victoria. Royal Collection Trust
The royal dressed in an all-blue look Wednesday. AP
The brooch was said to have inspired Princess Diana’s engagement ring, which is now worn by Middleton. Getty Images

Camilla pinned the brooch — which jewelry expert Maxwell Stone of Steven Stone Jewelers tells Page Six Style is “at least 40 carats” — to her blue coat dress Wednesday as she visited community groups and gave a speech in the city of Douglas.

The piece was commissioned by Prince Albert and presented to Queen Victoria on their wedding day in 1840, and per Stone, is worth “around £8 million” or $10.1 million.

Its similarities to the Princess of Wales’ engagement ring aren’t coincidental; the piece “is said to have inspired the design for Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, which was originally given to Princess Diana from Prince Charles,” the jewelry expert tells us.

The queen paired her brooch with a ruffle-trimmed blue coat dress. Getty Images
Prince William gave his mother’s ring to his longtime girlfriend in 2010. Getty Images
The Princess of Wales’ engagement ring features a 12-carat sapphire surrounded by diamonds. Getty Images
The queen might’ve pulled the brooch out to pay tribute to her daughter-in-law. GC Images

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Queen Camilla’s outing follows the news that the Princess of Wales’ health records were part of a security breach at The London Clinic, the hospital where she underwent abdominal surgery for an unknown condition in January.

The mom of three has also been plagued by multiple wild conspiracy theories during her absence from public life this year, with social media users accusing her of using a body double and more.

However, she was spotted at a farm shop in Windsor over the weekend, with a video showing her looking in good spirits as she walked alongside Prince William.