I tried Alix Earle’s viral Amazon selfie light, and it’s totally worth the hype

If you’ve ever wondered how TikTok “It” girl Alix Earle looks so flawless in every post, allow this affordable Amazon find to shed some (literal) light on her selfie secrets.

The “Get Ready With Me” queen first shouted out her go-to Newmowa phone light in a Dec. 2022 TikTok, raving, “I use it for almost all my Instagram photos. Taking photos, or making TikTok videos — you need this.”

The nifty clip-on tool swiftly sold out — but the tech brand’s since restocked, and while it’s still featured as a “content creation must-have” on Earle’s Amazon storefront to this day, it’s blessedly easier to buy.


Alix Earle TikTok
Earle first shouted out the light in a Dec. 2022 TikTok. alixearle/TikTok

It’s not just Earle who’s obsessed with the gadget, either; it’s racked up over 8,800 five-star reviews on Amazon to date, with satisfied shoppers praising it as a “game changer,” “worth every penny” and “easy to use.”

As an elder millennial who doesn’t spend all that much time scrolling TikTok but loves creating content on Instagram, I’ll admit that I didn’t clock Earle’s initial endorsement of the Newmowa light, and thus missed the initial wave of hype.

I’d also always consciously avoided taking photos and videos after sunset or in dimly lit indoor spaces, knowing the final results never looked as good as those taken in broad daylight.

But after my friend Loanne, a social media manager, whipped out her “Alix Earle light” during a trip to Miami and snapped some late-night photos on our hotel balcony, I was sold (or, as the kids today say, #influenced). They looked downright professional!

The author wearing a black dress on a hotel balcony
I mean, COME ON. Elana Fishman

The author wearing a black dress on a hotel balcony
Finally, nighttime photos of myself that I actually like! Elana Fishman

Our review

I ordered my own Newmowa light on the spot, and decided to put the tool to the test at my birthday party in a darkened cocktail bar.

While it may have raised a few eyebrows of those at my table every time I switched it on (no shame in my content-creation game!), the photos speak for themselves.

Even my husband and sister, both of whom tend to avoid Instagram like the plague, were impressed by the snaps.

The author wearing a gold fringed dress in a bar
There was next-to-no light in this bar, but you’d never know it. Elana Fishman

The author wearing a gold fringed dress in a bar
Someone came up to me while I was posing for this shot and asked what phone light I was using, so make of that what you will. Elana Fishman

Essentially a ring light you can take on the go, the tool’s powered by 60 LED lighting beads and offers three different light modes: bright white, warm yellow and a combination of the two.

On top of that, there are 10 (yes, 10) brightness levels from which to choose; dial yours all the way up, and I swear you could capture a stunning selfie in a pitch-black basement. (Not that you’d necessarily want to, but it’s nice to have the option, no?)

It also ships with two kinds of clips: a front one that can be adjusted 90 degrees, and a back one that you can slide your phone into for rear-camera shooting.

And since the light’s built-in battery is made to last for 135 minutes of continuous use, you will need to charge it occasionally — but it comes with a USB cable that you can plug into any wall outlet or compatible port.

The author taking a selfie
My apartment doesn’t have great lighting — and I snapped this selfie at nighttime, no less. Elana Fishman

The author taking a selfie
The Newmowa light’s become my constant content-creation companion; I’m not sure how I ever lived without it. Elana Fishman

The bottom line

Ever since I purchased my Earle-approved light, it’s become my constant content-creation companion; when I head to an evening event or dinner where I know I’ll want to document my outfit, the food, the ambiance or all of the above, I just slip it into my purse before leaving the house.

And at under $35, I’d say this instant glow-up is well worth the price.


  • Clips easily onto a phone, laptop or tablet
  • Three light modes and 10 brightness levels
  • Lightweight and portable


  • 135-minute battery requires intermittent charging, but device ships with the cord needed to do so

How we tested

After ordering my Newmowa light, I used it to capture both photo and video content in several places with less-than-optimal lighting — including bars, restaurants and my own apartment — using both the front and rear cameras on my iPhone. Throughout it all, I prioritized the following points:

  • Lighting: Obviously, this was the biggie. Could this tool really take my indoor and nighttime shots from dark and depressing to bright and beautiful?
  • Ease of use: Is the gadget portable, lightweight and simple to clip onto the front or back of a phone?
  • Value: While some high-end ring lights will set you back hundreds, I’ve also noticed plenty of TikTokers (not to mention Amazon) hawking similar phone lights for under $10. As this one falls somewhere in between, is it worth the price?