Jason Kelce weighs in on wife Kylie’s ‘continued refusal’ to wear Chiefs gear

She’s a Birds girl, through and through.

Jason Kelce discussed how his wife, Kylie Kelce, wouldn’t wear Kansas City Chiefs gear to Super Bowl 2024 on the latest episode of the “New Heights” podcast, released Wednesday — and she’s staying true to the Philadelphia Eagles, even if her brother-in-law is a Super Bowl champ.

“Kylie got some love from the Philadelphia fans for her continued refusal to wear Chiefs gear even though she has personal connections,” the Philadelphia Eagles player, 36, shared with his Chiefs player brother, Travis Kelce, 34, on the episode.

“She just does not want to do it,” Jason continued.

The Chiefs tight end was unfazed by his sister-in-law’s decision, but still threw in a little brotherly joke.

“I get it man. She doesn’t seem to care about uh, Cabrini, her college. She’ll wear University of Cincinnati,” he said with a laugh, referring to Kylie’s game-day red sweater.

Kylie Kelce chatted with Taylor Swift at the game as she sported a “New Heights” podcast tee.
Philadelphia native Kylie is forever loyal to the Eagles. kykelce/Instagram

“She’ll wear other universities but she won’t wear other NFL teams,” the Eagles center explained.

Jason pointed out that his Philadelphia native wife — who wore a red crewneck from the Cincinnati Bearcats (the team both Kelce brothers played for in college) over a “New Heights” tee ($38) at the Super Bowl — “was definitely supporting Trav” with her look.

Travis gave a sweet shout-out to his sister-in-law for her outfit, saying, “Don’t you f—k around with my fandom over the Birds. I respect it, Ky. I appreciate you even wearing red. You know, you could’ve worn something neutral and just showed your support. You showing up was enough for me.”

Kylie wore the same Bearcats shirt to an earlier game as she posed with Swift and friends. keleighteller/Instagram
Kylie often shows her pride with Philadelphia Eagles apparel. Instagram/@kykelce

He also shared that he attempted to get Kylie to wear Chiefs gear, “but she just refuses.”

“We have family in the game. It’s okay to cheer on that team,” Jason said he told his wife. “They’re not playing the Eagles. You realize this isn’t against the Eagles, right?”

At the end of the day, Travis said he took Kylie’s side since she was going up against his big brother. “I’m with [Kylie], against you,” he told Jason with a laugh.

Kylie herself spoke out on the topic to USA Today Sports (via Philly’s Fox 29), stating, “I mean, I just can’t do it. I will cheer on Travis every single day of the week, forever, but I won’t wear Chiefs stuff.” She’s also previously stated that if her husband ever was traded to another team, she would wear his jersey but wouldn’t sport any of the team’s gear without his name on it.

The mom of three wore her Eagles Christmas gear as she posed with mother-in-law Donna Kelce at a game. Youtube/ New Heights
Kylie joined Swift at the Chiefs vs. Bills game. Instagram/@amanda__santa
Jason wore a pair of loud checkered overalls to the game as he joined Swift and his mom, Donna, on the field. AP

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One Philly fan who did switch teams for the moment was Taylor Swift’s dad, Scott Swift, who wore head-to-toe Chiefs gear to support his daughter’s boyfriend, Travis, at the big game despite being a Philadelphia Eagles fan himself.

Along with Kylie’s game-day fashion, the brothers discussed Jason’s colorful Chiefs-themed overalls at the Super Bowl, and he revealed that they had a hidden purpose.

“I was trying to figure out what to wear, and I figured if I went with the overalls, and I had straps, they could hold my shirt down,” he explained. “The straps would hold my shirt on so I wouldn’t take my shirt off when I felt the desire to. I’d be more composed.”

Spoken like a true Eagle.