Jax Taylor trolls airline after faulty first-class seat causes plane to turn around

Jax Taylor showed his appreciation for United Airlines after JetBlue gave him a faulty seat that resulted in a massive delay last week.

The “Vanderpump Rules” alum posted an Instagram Story photo of himself extending his feet in his first class seat with a United monitor in front of him.

“Good news everyone my seat works properly! @pagesix See you soon Boston,” he captioned the snap Monday.

Thankfully for Taylor and his fellow passengers, the flight landed on time — and even 20 minutes early, according to FlightStats.

Taylor, 44, posted the shady IG Story after Page Six broke the news that he was attempting to fly from New York City to Los Angeles when his JetBlue plane had to turn around on the runway last week.

The “House of Villains” star’s rep insisted that it was not Taylor’s fault, but instead due to a malfunctioning first class seat.

Jax Taylor seemingly trolled JetBlue after his faulty seat caused a delay last week.
Jax Taylor/Instagram
“Good news everyone my seat works properly! @pagesix,” he captioned a photo from a United Airlines flight on Monday.
Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

“The plane did not come back [to the gate] due to any uproar,” his rep told us Sunday.

“His seat was in the bed position in first class, and the plane is unable to take off if it is not upright. He was not able to sit in that seat. It was not working. It was not his fault that the seat wouldn’t move from the bed position.”

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However, a source claimed his fellow travelers were still annoyed by the entire ordeal.

“It made the plane two-and-a-half hours late because they were already on the runway, and it was raining,” an insider told us.

The “Vanderpump Rules” alum was attempting to fly from JFK to LAX last week when his JetBlue plane had to turn around.
Matthias Clamer/E! Entertainment
Taylor’s rep insisted that the plane “did not come back due to any uproar” from the reality star.
However, some people were still upset with him.

The plane returned to the gate, where passengers had to wait while unaware of the reason behind the delay.

“People were upset, but not like rioting, just frustrated and gossiping when we returned and parked at the gate,” the source explained.

Though Taylor’s rep vehemently denied that he directly caused the inconvenience, other passengers took to social media to slam the “D-List reality TV person” for allegedly “pitching a fit.”