Jenny Mollen and mom hit Alice + Olivia sample sale in ‘matching post-surgery face wraps’ after procedures

They’re lifting more than their spirits!

Jenny Mollen — the actress, best-selling author and wife of “American Pie” star Jason Biggs — has bucked the age-old trend of waiting to recover from getting some work done before hitting a fashionable sample sale.

“In a true New York fashion moment,” a spy told us, Mollen and her mom turned heads at an Alice + Olivia sale by “sporting matching post-surgery face wraps.”

Jenny Mollen and her mother, Peggy, made a fashionable stop at Stacey Bendet’s sample sale. Alice + Olivia
Jenny Mollen and her mom were spotted at a chic sample sale. Jenny Mollen/Instagram
The duo didn’t let a little surgery deter them from shopping! Jenny Mollen/Instagram

The source said, “Undeterred by recent procedures, the dynamic mother-daughter duo dove headfirst into the fashion frenzy, proving that nothing stops a dedicated shopper… not even recovery time!”

A 44-year-old mother of two, Mollen and her mom, Peggy, previously documented their dual Mother’s Day plastic surgery procedures with Dr. Oren Tepper on social media.

For those keeping tabs, Jenny went for a breast lift and chin liposuction in addition to having fat near her knee transferred below her eyes to reportedly alleviate dark circles and give a more youthful look. Chic!

Mollen wasn’t shy about showing off her new look. Alice + Olivia
Mollen posted pics from the operating room.
She told fans of her doctor: “Nose is my own. The boobs and face volume are all this man.” Jenny Mollen/Instagram

(Mollen candidly told curious fans: “Nose is my own. The boobs and face volume are all this man,” meaning Tepper, natch.)

Peggy, meanwhile, had a lip lift and fat injected into the tops of her hands, while the good doc “created an ear lobe” where there was previously attached skin.

They recuperated together at Manhattan’s Gansevoort Hotel, but didn’t lay low, and perused designer Stacey Bendet’s haute sale.

The pair recuperated at the Gansevoort Hotel. Getty Images for Friends Of Hudson River Park
Mollen is married to “American Pie” star Jason Biggs.
Mollen detailed her procedures for fans. Jenny Mollen/Instagram

Mollen told us when reached for comment: “Society holding us to beauty standards while also shaming us for trying to meet them is the same as society blaming mothers for working but also shaming them for staying home.”

She added, “I went to the sample sale [because] it was my girlfriend’s sample sale. I thought it was funny, but it also felt like radical feminism. When both things can happen in one Instagram reel, that’s a true mitzvah.”

Daytime TV host Sherri Shepherd was also seen among the racks.

The sale runs through Sunday at 260 Sample Sale.