Julia Fox ‘going for grotesque’ with weight loss and wild outfits: Men ‘hate me — and I love it’

Julia Fox doesn’t care what guys think of her outlandish outfits.

“The losing of the weight, the eyebrows, the clothes, all the things I did — I think I was going for grotesque,” the “Down the Drain” author told Jia Talentino in an interview with the New Yorker published Wednesday.

“I wanted to look a certain way where the girls would appreciate it and the men would despise it.”

Fox said her weight loss began during a time when she was “really stressed out” and “not eating properly,” which led to men asking, “Wait, what happened to her? She used to be so hot.”

Instead of defending herself, Kanye West’s ex said she “leaned into it.”

Julia Fox opened up to Jia Tolentino about the thought process behind her ever-evolving (and ever-eccentric) style.
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During New York Fashion Week, Fox hit the streets of NYC in a tiny top-and-skirt set made entirely out of wristwatches.
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“I wanted to look a certain way where the girls would appreciate it and the men would despise it,” she said.
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“I was, like, Oh, great, they hate me — and I love it,” she recalled. “The more they hated me, the more fun it was to keep doing it. It was amazing to see how they reacted when I just wasn’t giving them their visual stimulus, or whatever. I mean, they lashed out. They, like, took it personally.”

While Fox was quick to note that she’s “actually gaining weight right now,” she shared a similar sentiment about beauty standards on TikTok last year.

“Dirty girl, ugly, not wearing clothes that fit your body type … all those things are in,” she said at the time, adding that “getting old is f—king hot” as well.

The mom of one bleached her brows and her hair in August.
Fox wore a bridal minidress and floor-sweeping veil to the Wiederhoeft runway show.
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Fox treated fans to a parade of typically wild getups during New York Fashion Week earlier this month.

Standout styles included a teeny metal bikini, a bandeau top and matching miniskirt made out of watches, leather pasties paired with a matching cage-style corset and even a wedding gown and veil.