Kate Middleton learning to live with ‘headbangers’ pushing conspiracy theories about her ‘fake’ farm outing: report

No sweat off Kate Middleton’s back.

The Princess of Wales reportedly is unfazed by the viral conspiracy theories spreading on social media that have deemed her and Prince William’s farm stand outing “fake.”

Visiting the Windsor shop last Saturday was the “right move” despite trolls claiming Middleton used a body double, a friend of hers told the Daily Beast Thursday.

“There’s nothing [she] can do about online chatter,” said a friend of hers. AFP via Getty Images
A royal source believes she is “nearly on the other side” of the scandal. UK Press via Getty Images

“There’s nothing you can do these days about a bunch of headbangers who have a vested interest in keeping the conspiracies going,” the pal said.

“Ultimately she is fine, and she needed that to be seen.”

A royal source, meanwhile, predicted that Middleton, 42, and William, 41, are “nearly on the other side” of the scandal.

Conspiracy theorists are speculating that Middleton’s recent outing with Prince William was “fake.” Getty Images
The couple visited a farm stand last Saturday. Samir Hussein/WireImage

“You can argue that they should have approached the whole thing differently, but this is a marathon, not a sprint,” the insider continued. “They have decades and decades of this life ahead of them, and the message is that they intend to guard their privacy, whatever the media say they should or shouldn’t do.”

The source did, however, acknowledge that Middleton’s heavily edited UK Mother’s Day photo and subsequent apology were a “significant cock-up.”

Controversial portrait aside, the insider believes that “when you look back at 2024 in a few years, you won’t even be able to see this.”

Online trolls insist the Princess of Wales used a body double. Getty Images
Middleton has laid low since her abdominal surgery in January. WireImage

Conspiracy theories began swirling in January after Middleton stepped back from the public eye to recover from abdominal surgery.

With speculation ramping up following the Mother’s Day photo and farm stand outing, Andy Cohen, Piers Morgan and more stars have chimed in.

The Bravo executive declared “that ain’t Kate” when photos emerged earlier this week, also polling his Instagram followers on their opinions.

Her last official public outing took place in December 2023. Samir Hussein/WireImage
She has yet to speak to the wild rumors about her farmer’s market stop. Getty Images

As for Morgan, he has questioned how healthy and “blossoming” Middleton looked in the family snap.

“I know somebody who saw her that week who said she didn’t look anything like the picture,” the journalist, 58, says in TMZ’s upcoming “Where Is Kate Middleton?” special, calling her “a lot thinner.”

Even Channing Tatum chimed in via Instagram to poke fun at a wild theory the royal is pursuing pop stardom, joking, “You are not gonna wanna miss Coachella this year.”