Katy Perry suffers a wardrobe malfunction live on ‘American Idol’ as Luke Bryan tries to save the day

Pictures of last night ended up online.

Katy Perry almost bared it all on live TV Monday night when her sculptural 3D top broke in the middle of “American Idol,” but she kept her cool as crew members and fellow “Idol” judge Luke Bryan attempted to come to the rescue.

“my top broke #idol” the “Last Friday Night” singer, 39, captioned a hilarious Instagram Reel of herself wearing a structural silver Kate Barton crop top crafted from metal as team members attempted to fix it with various tools.

Fellow “Idol” judge Luke Bryan attempted to help fix Katy Perry’s broken top on the show Monday night. Katy Perry/Instagram
“I’m going in!” the country star exclaimed. Katy Perry/Instagram
Luke Bryan jumped in to help with her wardrobe snafu. Katy Perry/Instagram

“I need my top to stay on!” she said, leaning forward with a worried expression as the team worked on her broken crop top, which featured a halter neck and a silver shark design, with its fins sticking out on either side of her body.

Perry — who is exiting the show after this season — quipped, “This show is gonna get more than it wanted” before Bryan decided to jump in and help.

“I got it!” the country star said in the clip, holding a pair of scissors and yelling, “I’m going in!” as he attempted to help close the shiny crop top … but it seemed like his efforts didn’t exactly work out.

Bryan’s efforts seemed to be unsuccessful. Katy Perry/Instagram
“That song broke my top off!” Perry exclaimed to one contestant. Katy Perry/Instagram

The words “nvm” flashed on the screen before footage of the “Teenage Dream” singer leaning forward and clutching the metal top played, but at least she took the situation in good humor.

Perry told contestant Roman Collins —  who performed the James Brown song “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” —  “That song broke my top off! I guess it is a woman’s world.”

“Ratings, I love ratings!” Lionel Richie, who also serves as a judge on “American Idol,” joked, with Perry replying, “It’s a family show.”

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Perry sat in horror as people tried to fix her snapped top. Katy Perry/Instagram
She eventually gave up and held a pillow in front of her chest. Katy Perry/Instagram

The “Roar” singer ended up unintentionally channeling Bianca Censori at the end of the Reel, holding a white throw pillow in front of her chest to keep things family-friendly.

Perry’s Instagram followers had plenty to say about the wardrobe malfunction, like one who wrote, “That’s not a top, it’s a car bumper.”

“You know it’s serious fashion when the power tools come out 😂” another joked, while a third commented, “Maybe try wearing proper clothes rather than dressing as the tin man!?”

No matter who she’s channeling, this star’s looks never fail to get people talking.