Kim Kardashian regrets letting daughter North use this beauty product at age 5

Kim Kardashian’s back in the makeup biz — but she’s not without her beauty regrets.

The mogul launched her Skkn by Kim makeup Friday, and marked the occasion by chatting with Bustle about her own routine and what she’s passed down to her daughters, including 10-year-old North West.

Asked about the “Sephora tweens” phenomenon and whether North and her sister Chicago, 6, have fallen prey to the frenzy, Kardashian replied, “My littlest one’s too little [to wear makeup] and I don’t let her.”

Added the star, “I look back and there’s times when I remember I let my daughter [North] wear a red lip once for Christmas. Would I do that now? Probably not.”

The Skims founder was referring to Christmas 2018, when a then-5-year-old North rocked bright red lipstick at her family’s annual Christmas Eve bash.

“She picked it though! It’s a special occasion!” Kardashian wrote on Twitter at the time following some backlash from fans who thought North was too young for lipstick.

Kardashian launched her Skkn by Kim makeup on Friday. Skkn by Kim
North has been a beauty buff for years. Instagram/@kimandnorth

The mom of four also shared in September 2018 that she used lipstick as “a bribe to get out of the door” for North, who was obsessed with beauty products from a very young age.

But North’s dad, Kanye West, shut down her makeup-artist aspirations in short order, with Kardashian telling E! News in 2019 that the rapper had banned his elder daughter from wearing color cosmetics.

“He changed all the rules,” she said at the time. “I’d let her wear, you know, she has a little red for Christmas, I’d let her wear a red lip, or I’d let her do one pop of something. I’d let her, if she’s wearing a black dress, a black lip. I kind of got in trouble for that, so it’s now no more makeup.”

Kanye West cracked down on his elder daughter’s makeup habit in 2019. Instagram/@kimkardashian
The mother-daughter duo often share fresh-faced photos and videos as well. Instagram/ Kim Kardashian

While Kim and Kanye were kaput as a couple by 2021, it seems the former has gotten a bit more strict when it comes to makeup for her kids — although she did admit to Bustle that she lets her girls raid her beauty bag.

“You know what, they are always trying to use everything that I have in my drawers,” she said. “I think it’s a fun game for them. It’s art for them to try to do makeup, which is so fun for me to watch.”

Kardashian added, “They want to play with their friends and do it, and then they want to just wash it right off. I’m down for the artistry. I think it’s fun when they’re trying it all and expressing themselves.”

North (pictured with her mom on Christmas in 2023) now appears to be allowed to wear makeup in moderation. Instagram/@kimkardashian
She’s shared her plan to one day run Yeezy and Skims — could inheriting Skkn by Kim complete her empire? Instagram/ Kim Kardashian

As for whether she’d like to pass down Skkn by Kim to one of her daughters in the future, the TV personality said she thinks Chicago and North “will have their own ideas of what they want to do.”

“I would love them to be involved, but I also want them to do whatever makes them happy. And that could be totally not in the beauty business and that would be OK with me,” she added.

Skkn by Kim’s new makeup offerings include a neutral eyeshadow palette ($50), matte lipstick ($32) in a range of nude shades and lip liners ($22) in matching colors.