Kyle Richards shares makeup-free selfie after microblading, lip blushing

Kylie Richards is waking up like this — with a little help from the tattoo shop.

On Thursday, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, 55, revealed on Instagram that she got her eyebrows microbladed and received lip blushing, a gentle tattooing procedure that adds a hint of color, fullness and symmetry to the lips.

“I’m sharing this make up free photo because I wanted to share that I finally got the courage to go see @mehringlam to micro blade the parts of my eyebrows that I like to fill in AND I also did lip blushing 👄,” she captioned the series of bare-faced photos, tagging permanent makeup artist Mehrin May.

The “RHOBH” star also added that she had gotten lip blushing, a procedure that tints the lips while adding fullness and correcting symmetry. kylerichards18/Instagram
She revealed that before the treatments, her full brows “weren’t even,” adding that “even if I wanted to go make up free I would always fill them in a little.” WireImage,

The “Halloween” actress added that she’s “always had bushy eyebrows,” however “they weren’t even,” and joked that she considered her brows to be “sisters, not twins.”

“So even if I wanted to go make up free I would always fill them in a little and put something on my lips,” she said. “But now I can skip that part of my routine 😊”

However, Richards wasn’t done revealing her beauty secrets.

“also noteworthy,” she continued, “@portia_umansky contoured my nose with self tanner the night before so my nose will be like this for a few days 😆 #iwokeuplikethis,” crediting 16-year-old daughter Portia.

The mom of four also noted that her daughter, Portia, had contoured her nose with self-tanner. kylerichards18/instagram
Richards is no stranger to sharing her beauty secrets, and during an Amazon livestream in March, listed some of her favorite products to pack for vacation. kylerichards18/Instagram

In the shots, the mom of four can be seen staring at the camera, wearing her hair up before styling it in loose waves. Richards also made sure to shout out Lily & Bean, the brand behind the delicate gold necklace she wore, which featured the names of her kids.

Of course, the RHOBH star is no stranger to sharing makeup and fashion tips.

During an Amazon livestream in March, she recommended a few products she made sure to pack for vacation, including Laneige Lip Balm and her “new obsession,” Rodial Blush Drops.

“I don’t know how I lived without them,” she raved. “Such a beautiful glow, like little highlighter drops in a bottle. If I love something, I will use it for years and years and years, forever.”