Lil Nas X transforms into tampon for ‘bloody ridiculous’ Halloween costume

He’s painting the town red.

Lil Nas X never fails to push the limits when it comes to fashion, but he wore perhaps his most outrageous look yet for Halloween 2023, dressing like a blood-soaked tampon as he strutted the street in an Instagram Reel Wednesday morning.

The “Old Town Road” singer, 24, transformed into a period product as he wore a padded white tunic dress dyed red on the top in the video, which starts out with a closeup of a huge piece of material made to look like the opening of a vagina.

The camera then pans away to show Lil Nas X — who recently had a sex toy thrown on stage while he performed — dragging a white string behind him as he wears the tampon-like dress, which he paired with sky-high white heeled boots and a blond wig tinged with red accents.

Lil Nas X dragged a white tampon string behind him in the video.
His string was attached to a large piece of material depicting a vaginal opening.

He waves the string around as he drops down into a sexy dance move, but the “Montero” rapper’s platform boots prove to be a problem as the rapper trips on the sidewalk in the sexy footwear.

Fans had mixed reactions to his daring Halloween look, with some finding it hilarious and others bloody offended over his tampon costume.

Adam Lambert, for one, enjoyed the Reel, commenting with a row of crying laughing emojis, while Rosario Dawson left five heart emojis on the post.

He nearly took a spill in his platform boots.
The rapper wore an icy blond wig with red streaks.

“Well that’s one way to normalize periods,” an Instagram user commented, with another wrote, “This is bloody ridiculous!!! No pun intended 😂.”

Some shared their disappointment over Lil Nas X seemingly making fun of periods, like one fan who wrote, “This is so wrong you don’t even know wat we go through every month just gone laugh at our pain.”

“I enjoy this look but the fact that you personally have never experienced the stigma, shame or pain involved with having a period makes me pause and think……. But why though?” another commented.

He shared a photo of himself on the pretend package of a Vitamin Water costume.

“It’s giving “mockery”….” a third Instagram user added. “This is screaming jajajaja at real women that have to deal with mentrual cycles and everything that comes with it , but guy men don’t have to deal with it…”

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Along with his controversial tampon costume, Lil Nas X posted a photo of himself seemingly dressed like a bottle of Vitamin Water on the front of a Halloween costume package Wednesday, with fans confused over the strange promo post.

“Sorry I know this is just an ad but how tf does that outfit look like the vitamin water bottle 💀” one wrote, referring to the photo of the “Industry Baby” rapper wearing ripped jeans, a white tee and bizarre white arm and head coverings.

No matter what he wears, Lil Nas X’s bold looks will always keep us talking.