Matt Rogers’ must-haves range from Crest Whitestrips to his beloved bidet

Ever wonder what your favorite celebrities buy when they’re browsing their favorite boutique or shopping online late at night? Welcome to Six Picks, where we ask stars to spill their style and beauty must-haves — so you can shop like you’re famous, too.

Matt Rogers’ busy schedule is no joke.

In addition to appearing on several television series — including Netflix’s upcoming “No Good Deed” — the comedian co-hosts the popular, GLAAD-nominated podcast “Las Culturistas” with longtime friend Bowen Yang.

He also reigns as the self-proclaimed “Pop Prince of Christmas,” having heralded the holidays with the release of his debut dance-pop album, “Have You Heard of Christmas?”

But while the holiday season only rolls around once a year, the multi-hyphenate entertainer — who recently partnered with Tushy — is plugged into the latest and greatest year-round.

And you needn’t be flush with cash to score all of his favorites; shop all six below, from a bidet — “It wakes you up,” he says — to his secret to a sparkling smile.

Crest 3d Whitestrips

“I can’t really deal with teeth that look a mess. I use the 30-minute ones. I don’t think I could sit with strips for an hour — that’s craziness. But these 30-minute ones do the trick and they’re not too rough on my teeth.”

Lumify Eye Drops

“My eyeballs need to be like my teeth: white! I use this before I take photos or am going to be on camera, but also it’s just really an extra pop in your eyes. Especially if you’re wearing ‘your color’ that brings out your eye color. If I’m wearing blue or green and then I use a drop of Lumify in each ojo? You can’t tell me NOTHING.”

Tushy bidet

“Not only is the Tushy hygienic, but it’s also a literal kick in the ass. It wakes you up. We’ve heard of splashing water on your face. Now try splashing water on your butt. It’s a little boost! I love it.”

Hawthorne Stain Free Deodorant

“This is a product that we did an ad for on my podcast, ‘Las Culturistas,’ that has become a staple since I sampled it. It keeps me clean and smelling good and it’s really easy to travel with.”

A white leather low-top Converse sneaker

“This is kind of the ultimate hack because it can be used in both a high and low sense. You wear them out to the bar? You look cool. You wear them to a wedding? You look cool. You get away with it. They’re not that expensive and they look sharp.”

American Crew Matte Hair Clay
American Crew

“I have very fine, straight hair, so I need a product that’s gonna have a good hold and keep it together all night. This is that product. And I would know, I’ve tried everything. This stuff stays!”