Meet the designer helping WAGs like Brittany Mahomes and Olivia Culpo level up their game-day looks

It’s time to suit up for the big game.

When the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs face off during the 2024 Super Bowl on Feb. 11, the real competition will be happening on the sidelines as the players’ wives and girlfriends compete for the most stylish outfit.

So where do WAGs like Brittany Mahomes and Olivia Culpo turn to take their designer looks to the next level? Laura Brodigan’s customization company, BroDenim, is the secret sauce that helps them stand out.

“My tagline is ‘wear your story,’ so we create these custom patches and people can pick out the patches that are representative of them or the team that they’re rooting for,” Brodigan tells Page Six Style in an exclusive interview.

Most recently, Mahomes lent a little flair to her black-and-white Ronny Kobo trench coat ($898) ahead of the Chiefs’ Jan. 29 AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens, adding red BroDenim patches that spelled out husband Patrick’s last name and jersey number.

Laura Brodigan has two permanent BroDenim stores where fans can customize their looks in person, just like their favorite WAGs. Three more locations are coming this year. Laura Brodigan/Instagram
Simone Biles repped husband Jonathan Owens in an Athleta puffer personalized with BroDenim patches in Dec. 2023. Getty Images
Olivia Culpo is a fan of the brand’s satin bombers. Olivia Culpo/Instagram

And since marrying Green Bay Packers safety Jonathan Owens last year, Simone Biles has been spotted repping her spouse in several jackets personalized with BroDenim’s letters and numbers.

“Every sport kind of does have its own style, and I think that customized clothing has always been something that’s been around,” Brodigan says. “There’s this whole emphasis on creating your own pieces and showing the process behind creating them [on social media].”

The designer’s been doing just that since starting her company seven years ago — and in 2018, she broke into the sports space with a joint co-sign from Camille Kostek and Culpo, both of whom wore her personalized jean jackets to cheer on the New England Patriots (Culpo was dating Danny Amendola at the time).

Camille Kostek, who has been dating former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski since 2015, was one of the first celebrities to embrace BroDenim. Camille Kostek/Instagram
Mahomes has been wearing custom BroDenim looks for years. Brittany Mahomes/Instagram
BroDenim customized this black leather trench for Patrick Mahomes’ wife. Brittany Mahomes/Instagram
The company offers sweatshirts, bomber jackets, denim jackets and more. BROdenim

“Sports are fun and you want to have a fun, stylish outfit,” Brodigan says. “These outfits are different; you can’t just go to the store and buy them off the rack. People are hand-making them. We design them, bring them to life and people want to show them off.”

And unlike most custom celebrity looks, BroDenim’s are available for fans to buy, too. Brodigan’s brand offers denim jackets ($225 to $255), sweatshirts ($75 to $135) and bomber jackets ($235 to $255), all of which fans can customize at her stores in Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard; a New York City location’s coming soon, among others.

For those who can’t make it to one of her brick-and-mortar locations, online design consultations are also available.

Biles showed off this snazzy bomber jacket in Jan. 2024. Simone Biles/Instagram
Brodigan’s company personalized these red pants for Mahomes earlier this season. Brittany Mahomes/Instagram
Culpo has been working with the brand since 2018, when she was dating Danny Amendola. Olivia Culpo/Instagram

“My biggest thing about the jackets — and why the brand is so special to me — is because they’re really representative of the people who are wearing them,” the Boston native shares, adding that the customization process “is really interactive and allows people to share their stories.”

And while it normally takes two to three weeks for the BroDenim team to turn around their hand-sewn designs, she calls the Super Bowl “crunch time” and reveals they’re working “around the clock” to finish some special looks for her favorite WAGs.

Ciara and her children rocked matching BroDenim jackets to support Russell Wilson when he was on the Seattle Seahawks. Ciara/Instagram
Fans can shop BroDenim’s playoff collection featuring unique designs for the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers ahead of the Super Bowl on Feb. 11. BROdenim

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As for whether longtime client Culpo might be spotted in a style from BroDenim’s San Francisco playoff collection while cheering on fiancé Christian McCaffrey on Sunday? Brodigan won’t say, but she’s hoping to spy her work on one WAG in particular: Taylor Swift.

“That would be a dream. If I could have Taylor Swift wear one of my jackets, I think that would honestly be the ultimate goal, but we’ll see what happens,” she says.

“Honestly, I always feel so lucky when anyone wants to work with me, so I’m just excited. Seeing [my designs] on TV, seeing people wear it and rock it and how they style it is always exciting.”