‘Next Level Chef’ winner Gabi Chappel shares her kitchen essentials for budding cooks

“Next Level Chef” Season 3 winner Gabi Chappel had to cook her way to victory using tools that ranged from professional-grade to bottom-of-the-barrel, but she knows that home chefs might not own all the tools she had access to while filming.

However, the plant-based chef tells Page Six Style that there are three essentials — or “little gadgets” — every home cook should have, no matter the skill level, to take their meals to the next level.

Here are Chappel’s must-haves for every kitchen:


“I love having a citrus press, so a handheld juicer [is a must],” Chappel tells us.

“I actually multi-use that because I have a nice heavy one, so I use it if I have to pound anything out. My citrus is one of [my essentials].”

microplane grater

“I love adding zest to so many things — cheese, nuts,” she shares. “A microplane is just such a useful tool for me. You can use it for anything. That’s how you get the nice snowy Parm on something.”

cast iron skillet

“I love my cast iron skillet so much. It’s big and heavy, but I make potatoes in it once a week, twice a week,” she says. “Get it crispy.”