Nicki Minaj mocked for calling Princess Diana a ‘dear friend’ during ‘moment of silence’ at UK concert

Nicki Minaj received mixed reviews from fans after she asked for a moment of silence for her “dear friend” Princess Diana at a concert over the weekend.

The “Super Bass” rapper was performing on stage in Birmingham, England, on Sunday when she handed her pink microphone over to an attendee who declared that he was from Wales.

Minaj took the moment to link the guest’s hometown to the late royal –– who was the Princess of Wales when she was married to King Charles III.

Nicki Minaj is being mocked for calling Princess Diana a “dear friend” and holding a “moment of silence” for her. TikTok/@jameliaa_x
“Wales! It always reminds me of a dear friend of mine –– well, she’s not here anymore –– but the Princess of Wales,” she said during her concert on Sunday. TikTok/@jameliaa_x

“Wales! It always reminds me of a dear friend of mine –– well, she’s not here anymore –– but the Princess of Wales,” she said in a British accent during her concert, per a TikTok video.

The Queen of Rap, 41, then paused and called for a “moment of silence” for the late princess and held the microphone to her chest and looked down for a few seconds while the audience became slightly quieter.

After a few seconds, Minaj kept up the British accent while listing off more cities in the United Kingdom.

The “Pound the Alarm” rapper asked the crowd to give the late Princess Diana a “moment of silence.” UK Press via Getty Images
Minaj chatted in a British accent during the show. WireImage for Live Nation

It didn’t take long for the video to go viral and for fans to tease Minaj for both her accent and calling Princess Diana her “dear friend.”

“a dear friend of mine 💀💀💀 bitch been dead since 1997 😭,” one person commented under the TikTok video.

“Since when is the princess of wales a dear friend to her 🤔,” someone else wondered.

People began to ask why Minaj referred to Diana as a “dear friend” when they never met. Getty Images
“Since when is the princess of wales a dear friend to her 🤔,” one person asked. Nicki Minaj/Instagram

“Not Nickis dear friend lady Di 😂,” another user wrote.

“A dear friend of mine… She was 14 when Diana died… 😂,” someone shared on X.

However, other people gave her credit for the pause and applauded her accent.

“our queen literally paying respect to diana 🥺🥺,” someone wrote under the TikTok video, while another added, “the moment of silence was so cute😭💞”

However, other people commended her for taking the few seconds to honor the late royal. Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images
Minaj has yet to respond to critics. nickiminaj/Instagram

“I love your fake British accent tho QUEEN 😭 😭 😭,” one person wrote on X.

Minaj has previously expressed her love and admiration for Princess Diana and even released the hit song “Princess Diana” with Ice Spice in April 2023.

She also previously shared her 2018 album “Queen” was inspired by her.

A rep for Minaj didn’t return Page Six’s request for comment.

The “Super Bass” rapper has not been shy in her admiration for Diana. Aaron P/
Minaj and Ice Spice created the hit song called “Princess Diana” last year. Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

The “Super Freaky Girl” singer has been making headlines over the last few days ever since she was arrested for suspicion of alleged drug possession in Amsterdam on Saturday.

Minaj even shared her arrest on Instagram by posting a video that showed police officers telling her they needed to search her bags after they found drugs.

She later confirmed via X that the officers found marijuana but insisted that they belonged to someone from her security team.

Minaj was eventually released and fined for the possession, but she apologized several times to her fans after having to cancel her concert on Saturday night because of the delay.