Raquel Leviss going back to work with Bethenny Frankel after exiting ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Raquel Leviss is launching a new podcast on the same network as Bethenny Frankel on Thursday.

The “Vanderpump Rules” alum’s podcast, titled “Rachel Goes Rogue,” will center around her “journey” of becoming “resilient and committed to personal growth” since her affair with Tom Sandoval was exposed in March.

“I’m Rachel Leviss,” she says in the trailer. “This might not be the return you’re expecting, but this coming January, you’ll hear my side of the story, and you may just be surprised what you find out.”

A press release obtained by Page Six reads, “Leviss will explore a spectrum of topics, mastering self-empowerment and navigating life’s challenges with grace and authenticity.”

Leviss’s new venture will be produced by iHeartPodcasts and Frankel, who was the first to interview the 29-year-old since the explosive “VPR” reunion.

“She will passionately cultivate candid conversations, breaking the fourth wall in reality TV and frankly discussing living her entire dating life on camera,” the statement continues.

Raquel Leviss is going back to work with Bethenny Frankel after quitting “Vanderpump Rules.”
The “Vanderpump Rules” alum announced her new podcast, “Rachel Goes Rogue,” on Thursday. raquelleviss/Instagram
“You’ll hear my side of the story, and you may just be surprised what you find out,” she said in the trailer. rachelleviss/Instagram

The former beauty pageant queen, who checked into a mental health facility after the backlash from Scandoval, will discuss her stay and the “mental health breakdown and intensive treatment” inside.

“Leviss will aspire to inspire, bring awareness to mental health issues and challenge the stigma surrounding treatment,” the statement further reads.

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The release doesn’t mention anything about “Vanderpump Rules” or her affair, but it does tease that “every topic is on the table” and she’s ready to “expose secrets.”

“Rachel Goes Rogue” will premiere Jan. 8, 2024.

Leviss’ new podcast will be produced by Frankel. bethennyfrankel/Instagram

Leviss has kept fairly quiet over the last eight months, except for appearing on Frankel’s podcast, “Just B,” in August.

In addition to claiming she has not “seen a single penny” since Scandoval thrust her into the national spotlight, she confirmed her exit from the show.

The two women seemingly formed a close relationship as Frankel, 53, has defended the former beauty queen on more than one occasion, and even hosted a dinner with Leviss and several other reality TV personalities.