‘RHOC’ recap: ‘Wasted’ Taylor Armstrong goes on explosive rant about Heather Dubrow

Taylor Armstrong went on a drunken rant about Heather Dubrow on Wednesday’s finale episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”

Armstrong was attending Gina Kirschenheiter’s circus-themed party when she had a few too many cocktails and started venting to her other co-stars about Dubrow.

Prior to the party, the mom of four had told Armstrong and Jennifer Pedranti that she wanted to spend a night out with them in Mexico. However, Dubrow accidentally fell asleep after leaving to get a bowl of soup and did not notify the girls, which made Armstrong and Pedranti upset.

It appeared that the former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star was enjoying several drinks throughout the evening, and eventually got upset when Dubrow showed up to the group event.

“What Heather did to she [Pedranti] and I in Mexico was so uncool. She left us in our room,” a slurring Armstrong told Pedranti and Kirschenheiter.

Pedranti, 46, initially tried to defend the mom of four, but Armstrong, 52, then shot back that Dubrow, 54, “didn’t speak” to Pedranti for “three months until she needed you.”

Taylor Armstrong went on an explosive rant about Heather Dubrow on Wednesday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”
Armstrong got upset with Dubrow over an incident from their group vacation in Mexico.
“I got a newsflash for Heather Dubrow — my friends are f–king wealthy,” Armstrong said.

“Being dismissive and being above the fray is bulls–t to me, because listen, I got a newsflash for Heather Dubrow — my friends are f–king wealthy. They can trump every single f–king house she’s ever lived in. My friends live in Beverly Hills!” she continued.

Kirschenheiter, 39, then reminded Armstrong that Heather and her husband, Terry Dubrow, had just sold their Orange County mansion for a whopping $55 million.

“Taylor is code red wastey. She is just like, non-stop endless loop of nonsense. I love her,” Kirschenheiter said in a confessional while laughing. “I don’t even know what the f–k Taylor is talking about anymore.”

Gina Kirschenheiter referred to Armstrong as “code red wastey.”

The episode then cuts to several different clips combined together of Armstrong venting about Heather on a loop.

In the videos, Armstrong spewed a string of confusing comments — including “she hurt us,” “I don’t wanna ruin the party or anything” and “do not mess with me, because I will f–king come.”

“It was about chicken soup, it’s not a big deal,” she declared.

The “RHOC” producers cut to several collaged videos of Armstrong ranting about Dubrow.
“Do not mess with me, because I will f–king come,” she warned.

Kirschenheiter advised Armstrong that if she wants to confront Heather, she should not go into it “with so much anger.”

“You think I seem angry?” Armstrong asked, to which Kirschenheiter replied, “Yes.”

Pedranti encouraged Armstrong to have her own individual conversation with Heather since they are on “very opposite ends on how we want to handle this.”

Pedranti told Armstrong to talk to Dubrow separately, but the mom of one didn’t listen.

Unfortunately for Pedranti, after she grabbed Heather to have a conversation, Armstrong chose not to listen and joined them anyway.

“We sat with you in our little [room], we wanted to go salsa dancing, but we stayed home to listen and be supportive of you, and so we did that, and then you said you wanted to get your chicken soup and then you never came back. My stepdaughter was waiting for us. She lives in Tulum,” Armstrong immediately told Heather.

Heather initially apologized, then doubled down that she “literally just sat down on the bed for one second, and I went out.” The show then flashed back to Heather, who was fully clothed, half lying down, half sitting on a bed.

Dubrow initially apologized for the mishap before saying the whole thing was “silly.”

“Why didn’t you text us and say you were not coming back?” Armstrong asked.

Heather then wondered why they didn’t knock on her door if they really wanted to go, but that question only seemed to upset Armstrong more.

“Because I don’t need to chase my friends! My friends actually show up!” Armstrong replied.

Heather began to shut down the “silly” conversation and began to walk away, but Armstrong continued to ask why she didn’t think, “Maybe I should text my friends.”

She later mocked Armstrong’s drunken confrontation in her confessional.

“I was supposed to get with my niece, we didn’t go dancing, because you went to get your soup and didn’t come back,” Heather said in a confessional while mocking Armstrong’s drunken voice before returning to her normal voice. “And?”

Elsewhere in the episode, Armstrong made several interesting comments and notions.

“My friends who have five billion dollars are not pretentious,” she told Kirschenheiter.

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She also appeared to need help getting her outfit back on after going to the bathroom, telling Pedranti, “OK, we are gonna have to do some sister love right now … Mama needs you to pull her up.”

Armstrong also expressed her love for Shannon Beador — but assured her that she was “not gonna try to hump” her even though she’s a “lesbian.” (Armstrong is currently married to John H. Bluher but previously came out as bisexual.)

Armstrong also petted Pedranti and “deepthroated” her ice cream cone.
Armstrong later joked about having too much to drink.

Later on, Armstrong took Pedranti’s ice cream cone and “deepthroated” it by shoving the whole top into her mouth.

Armstrong joked about her big finale, writing on Instagram, “I may or may not had too much cotton candy tonight 🙈☁️🍭.”

The “Real Housewives of Orange County” reunion begins next Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.