Ricki Lake rewears dress from 2007 premiere after 30-pound weight loss: ‘Oh, this old thing?’

Fashion time machine: activated.

Ricki Lake has been wowing fans with her recent 30-pound weight loss, and Wednesday was no different as she shared a photo of herself slipping into the same white minidress she sported on the red carpet 17 years ago.

“Oh, this old thing?? Just had it hanging around 🥰 ” the former talk show host, 55, captioned her Instagram post.

The star originally wore it to the 2007 premiere of her documentary “The Business of Being Born.” FilmMagic
The style featured a tiered hem and black embroidery. WireImage

“Originally wore this dress to the Business of Being Born world premiere in 2007. and now here I am wearing it again in 2024!” she added.

In the photo, Lake wore a sleeveless white babydoll dress with black embroidery at the bustline, pairing it with black platform heels as she posed in a garden.

The star also shared a pic of herself rocking the same style in 2007 alongside director Abby Epstein, who collaborated with Lake on her documentary about the childbirth industry.

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Lake posed with the late Matthew Perry on the 2007 red carpet. FilmMagic
She attended the 2024 ACE Eddie Awards in an outfit she once wore in 2011. Getty Images
The star recently dropped 30 pounds thanks to diet and exercise. Instagram/rickilake

Her Instagram followers had plenty to say about the revived look, like Rosie O’Donnell, who wrote, “can’t believe u keep clothes for so long !!!!” and Jerry O’Connell, who added, “GORGEOUS!”

“Isn’t it great how when you hold onto things… And then you slip back into them when you’ve lost some weight and you fit into them how great that makes you feel? You look beautiful then and now,” a fan wrote.

“If you dyed your hair you’d look exactly the same. I’m glad you are embracing your greys though. Beautiful either way !!” another Instagram user added.

“I held onto this #NormaKamali one- piece for all these years wondering if I would ever be able to wear it again. 💪💥❤️” Lake wrote of her red swimsuit. rickilake/Instagram
She wore the same suit on the cover of Us Weekly in 2007. rickilake/Instagram

This isn’t the first time she’s shown off a then-and-now look in recent days; In March, Lake rocked the same red Norma Kamali swimsuit that she once wore on the cover of Us Weekly in 2007 after she’d dropped more than 100 pounds.

She also shared an Instagram post in March showing a side-by-side of herself wearing the same black sweater and leather skirt that she wore in 2011.

In February, the star shared on Instagram that she had been on a weight loss journey with her husband, Ross Burningham.

“I really want to share, because we did this without relying on a pharmaceutical. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.)” she wrote of their efforts.