Ryan O’Neal buried next to his longtime love Farrah Fawcett 2 weeks after his death

Ryan O’Neal was buried next to his longtime love Farrah Fawcett in a small funeral over the weekend.

The actor, who died Dec. 8 at age 82, was laid to rest at Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park & Mortuary in Los Angeles, reports The Daily Mail.

About 25 people were in attendance for the service including the actor’s ex-wife Leigh Taylor-Young, their son, Patrick, and Fawcett’s best friend Alana Stewart.

According to O’Neal’s death certificate, he died of congestive heart failure after suffering from cardiomyopathy for years.

O’Neal’s service was attended by around 25 people. SplashNews.com

He was hospitalized at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, Calif., when he passed.

The “Love Story” actor and Fawcett — who shared a son named Raymond born in 1985 — began dating in 1979 and dated on-and-off for many years.

The “Charlie’s Angels” alum ended the relationship after she caught O’Neal in bed with actress Leslie Stefanson in 1997.

He and Fawcett first began dating in 1979. Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

The two rekindled their relationship in 2001 when she was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia.

“We started over again, and this time we built it in a way that had foundation and trust,” O’Neal told Vanity Fair in 2009. “Our son was happy. And Farrah was mature. She didn’t get mad at me so easily.”

The two remained together until she died of cancer in 2009 at 62.

The couple split but then reunited when Fawcett was diagnosed with cancer. Getty Images

“I loved her with all my heart,” O’Neal told People after Fawcett’s death. “I will miss her so very, very much.”

O’Neal’s son Patrick announced his father’s death on Instagram, writing that the actor’s “loving team” was by his side.

“My father Ryan O’Neal has always been my hero,” he captioned a photo of a sunset. “I looked up to him and he was always bigger than life.”

In another post, Patrick alluded to the iconic poster Fawcett posed for in the ’70s that graced many teenagers’ bedrooms.

The couple shared a son named Redmond. WireImage

“Everyone had the poster,” he wrote, “He had the real McCoy. And now they meet again. Farrah and Ryan. He has missed her terribly. What an embrace that must be. Together again.”

O’Neal is survived by his daughter Tatum, 60, son Griffin, 59, Patrick, 56, Redmond, 38, and five grandchildren.

He also starred in “What’s Up Doc?,” “Barry Lyndon” and “The Main Event.”