Sarah Paulson talks Botox and filler: ‘I don’t shoot anything into my face’

Sarah Paulson is all about aging gracefully.

The actress, 49, sat down with her longtime friend, Pedro Pascal, also 49, for an interview with Interview Magazine, and the two spent time discussing growing older.

Although Paulson was happy to talk about her age, Pascal admitted he was “not,” prompting the “American Horror Story” star to share more about where she stands with cosmetic procedures.

“Well, since I don’t shoot anything into my face at this particular juncture, I imagine everyone knows I’m 49,” she joked.

She joked that people can tell her age from her face as she isn’t currently “shooting” fillers or Botox. Adela Loconte/Shutterstock
“Well, since I don’t shoot anything into my face at this particular juncture, I imagine everyone knows I’m 49,” the actress joked. Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images
The interview was conducted by longtime friend Pedro Pascal, who is also 49. Bruce Glikas/WireImage

The two also touched on Paulson’s latest project, starring in the play “Appropriate” on Broadway, which is running now through June 23. Pascal said that he believed “going back to the theater” would be the one thing “that’s going to keep you young,” but the actress promptly disagreed.

“Oh my god,” she told him in response. “If there’s anything that’s going to age me rapidly, it’s going back to the theater.”

Paulson added that all the facial expressions she’s making on stage each night are causing her to get wrinkles.

“Sometimes I’m backstage doing this play, ‘Appropriate,’ and I’m thinking, ‘Wow, I’m making these facial expressions multiple times a day all day for months on end. I’ve never had those lines in between my eyebrows.’”

She added, “Well, I expect when I’m done with this play, they’ll be there permanently.”

In the story, Paulson also speaks about her newest project, appearing in “Appropriate” on Broadway. Bruce Glikas/Getty Images
Paulson’s interview was accompanied by a glamorous photo shoot, which appears in the same issue with Rihanna on the cover. Interview Magazine
In the photos, she wears elaborate designs, such as an Alaïa coat. Interview Magazine
She is also seen rocking Schiaparelli earrings with an embellished Miu Miu dress. Interview Magazine
Chunky Patricia Von Musulin necklaces stood out against a printed Prada dress. Interview Magazine

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In the photoshoot, lensed by Daniel Arnold, Paulson can be seen posing in a handful of elaborate outfits, including a ruffled blouse and long Alaïa coat, a printed Prada dress paired with chunky Patricia Von Musulin necklaces, and claw-shaped Schiaparelli earrings, which complemented a black and gold embellished Miu Miu dress.

At one point, Paulson even commented on her shoot being part of the same issue that featured Rihanna in a nun-like look, telling Pascal she couldn’t “knock” the singer “off the cover.”

“Nor would I want to,” she added. “Just glad to be gracing the same issue with the magical queen on the cover.