Scarlett Johansson praises Pamela Anderson’s ‘powerful’ choice to go makeup-free and ‘reject beauty norms’

One bombshell supporting another.

Scarlett Johansson praised Pamela Anderson’s “powerful” choice to attend Paris Fashion Week without makeup this season in a new Popsugar interview.

“I think it is definitely different to see somebody that’s in the public eye, a woman in the public eye, go to a fashion show or big event with no makeup on. It’s just very different from what we’re used to,” Johansson, 38, told the outlet.

“It’s a powerful message for women to see that, whether they follow suit or whatever the effect is, in the zeitgeist. It’s powerful for women to see other women rejecting standard beauty norms.”

Fellow actor Jamie Lee Curtis similarly supported Anderson’s decision to pare back her glam in Paris.

The former “Baywatch” babe showed off her bare face in the front row at the Vivienne Westwood show.
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“THE NATURAL BEAUTY REVOLUTION HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN!” the “Knives Out” star wrote in a lengthy Instagram post shared on Oct. 1.

“With so many pressures and postures … this woman showed up and claimed her seat at the table with nothing on her face. I am so impressed and floored by this act of courage and rebellion,” she added.

Anderson, 46, recently spoke to Vogue France about embracing her bare face while in the French fashion capital.

“It’s powerful for women to see other women rejecting standard beauty norms,” Johansson told Popsugar.
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“I didn’t come to Paris Fashion Week and think ‘I’m not going to wear any makeup,’” the “Baywatch” beauty said.

“Something just came over me and I was dressing in these beautiful clothes and I thought, ‘I don’t want to compete with the clothes.’ I’m not trying to be the prettiest girl in the room.”

The former Playboy Playmate described ditching her glam routine as “freedom” and “like a relief.” 

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The “Barb Wire” actress also attended the Isabel Marant show sans glam.
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Anderson quit makeup after her longtime glam guru passed away from breast cancer.
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The “Barb Wire” actress opened up in August about how she originally stopped wearing cosmetics after her makeup artist, Alexis Vogel, passed away in 2019 from breast cancer, which left her feeling like it was better to ditch beauty trends altogether.

Anderson has already become a Gen Z style icon, with many young people recreating her most famous beauty looks (including her signature messy updo) and outfits.

Perhaps we’ll see more folks following in her platformed footsteps by ditching makeup, too.