Shop 20 Oprah ‘favorites’ that make great Mother’s Day gifts

Want to give Mom her new favorite gift this Mother’s Day?

You might look to leading ladies or pop stars for inspiration — but when it comes to picking the perfect present, Oprah Winfrey’s established herself as a particular expert.

Year after year, the entertainment mogul’s “Favorite Things” become overnight sensations, making them ideal present picks for any in-the-know mom.

Below, shop gifts from a selection of the star’s go-to brands, ranging from cozy staples to a cute way to stash a cellphone.

Cozy Earth

Want to sleep easy knowing you’ve already picked the perfect gift for Mom? If you’re taking a page out of Oprah’s book, anything from Cozy Earth is a surefire bet.

The media mogul’s featured four different designs from the brand as “Favorite Things” over the years, including these temperature-regulating sheets she called the “softest ever” in 2018.

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A model wearing two dainty letter pendant necklaces
Amelia Rose

Looking for bling that spells shopping success? These dainty letter designs from Oprah’s 2023 “Favorite Things” list look luxe, but cost just under $160.

“These handcrafted sterling silver or 14kt-gold-plated initial necklaces with, yes, real diamonds at this price will add sparkle to all ages,” Winfrey wrote in 2023.

Qudo Firenze ring

With 23 color options to choose from, ranging from emerald green to clear, one of these budget-friendly designs is sure to suit Mom’s style.

“This striking candy-colored ring may not be the real deal, but it looks so luxe,” Oprah raved of the bling in 2021, adding that it’s “sure to garner some oohs and ahhs.”

A model in an olive green leisure set

Oprah’s wardrobe is full of styles from Spanx, with the former talk show host including several standouts — including pants from the Perfect Collection and this luxe loungewear — on her famed “Favorite Things” lists over the years.

“When I tell you this set feels light as air, I’m not kidding,” Winfrey wrote of these AirEssentials styles in 2022. “It’s my new leisure suit. The perfectly loose-and-lightweight fabric is like buttah!”

Gwyneth Paltrow’s also obsessed, as she recently told Instagram followers she’s “weirdly very into” the brand’s workout clothes.

A Bandolier phone case

Famous moms like Blake Lively, Bethenny Frankel and Donna Kelce (to name but a few) have all been seen out and about with their their Bandolier phone slings. Oprah’s also a fan, as the Billie Uility Crossbody ($198) was a “favorite” in 2022.

A set of three fuzzy socks
Barefoot Dreams

Knock Mom’s socks off with this super-soft pick from Oprah’s 2023 list.

A model in forest green leggings
Girlfriend Collective

Looking for another gift idea to keep in your back pocket? Try this compressive legging style made of 79% recycled plastic bottles, which also landed on last year’s list. The activewear label is also a hit among stars like Mindy Kaling and Ariana Grande.

Shearling platform slides

While Oprah’s tried plenty of products over the years, she doesn’t roam far from her favorite cozy slippers.

“I’ve been known to give these as party favors,” she said in 2023. “The faux-shearling upper is lined with cotton fleece and memory foam, and the result feels like walking on air.”

A phone case
JW Pei

This stylish phone holder just might be calling Mom’s name. While many stars love the brand’s JW Pei Gabbi Bag ($80) — which made our roundup of the best celeb-approved Mother’s Day presents — Oprah can’t get enough of this sling style.

“This crossbody makes life easier. It fits most phones, has slots for credit cards, and comes in cheery colors,” she wrote on her 2022 roundup.

A gray robe
Barefoot Dreams

If it’s a new robe Mom’s been dreaming of, this cozy style staple just might do the trick. Oprah called it “yummy-feeling” on her 2021 list, while stars like Khloé Kardashian and Hailey Bieber have both praised the brand’s equally snuggly blankets.

A purple Telfar bag

Telfar’s celebrity-loved bags earned Oprah’s stamp of approval in 2020 — and again in 2023, when she shouted out this purple carryall currently in stock on Amazon.

A model in baggy lounge pants

For loungewear that does double duty as an everyday outfit, Oprah shouted out these luxe cotton pants in 2023.

Clear drink mugs

If a warm beverage is more Mom’s cup of tea, consider this 2023 “Favorite Thing” designed to keep drinks hotter than its ceramic counterparts do.

Philosophy hope in a jar moisturizer

Oprah praised a previous version of this hydrating formula on her “Ultimate Favorite Things List” in 2010, proclaiming it “hands down the best moisturizer I’ve ever used.”

A retractable brow pencil
Anastasia Beverly Hills

The media mogul made an appearance at a birthday bash for brand founder Anastasia Soare last year, posing for photos alongside fellow fans like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.

If Mom’s eyeing the company’s products too, its signature retractable brow pencil is a favorite among shoppers, having racked up over 15,000 reviews on Sephora alone. (Kendall Jenner dubbed it a “tried and true” product in a recent Vogue video).

A green jewelry organizer  pouch

Oprah called this pouch set “like giving two gifts in one” on her 2021 list, thanks to its 10 clear removable pouches to keep jewelry secure (and untangled). Plus, as Winfrey noted, it works as an evening bag in a pinch, too.

Reading glasses

Blend fashion and function with Oprah’s “favorite” lenses. “I often pick my glasses to match my outfit, and these specs are terrific,” she wrote on her 2022 roundup.

A pink fluffy slipper

Slip a comfy surprise into Mom’s gift bag with this fluffy footwear, which became an Oprah “favorite” in 2017.

A model in a sage-colored belted romper
Neiman Marcus

If mom’s riveted by celebrity fashion, scoop up a style from Rivet Utility. Oprah’s worn the brand’s wares on Instagram several times (in addition to including a different jumpsuit on her 2022 list), while Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Bethenny Frankel are also fans.

Apple earbuds

Oprah spotlighted Apple’s ubiquitous earbuds on her 2018 list, declaring her support for a “cord-free life.” Shop the more recent edition of the celeb-loved headphones at a rare sale price right now.