‘Spa junkie’ Vivica A. Fox reveals her secrets for healthy, glowing skin ahead of 60th birthday

Sixty, here she comes.

Vivica A. Fox and Kevin Daniels stopped by the Page Six studio this week to chat about their upcoming film, “Not Another Church Movie” — and along with sharing more about her busy career, Fox spilled some of her best skincare tips.

The “Independence Day” star — who will turn 60 on July 30 — looks younger than ever these days, crediting her glowing skin, in part, to regular spa treatments.

Fox wore a sparkly blue blazer and black minidress to the studio. Brian Zak for Page Six
The duo chatted about their upcoming project, “Not Another Church Movie.” Brian Zak for Page Six
Fox tells Page Six that she loves Dermalogica skincare products. Getty Images For NAACP

“Oh, I love microdermabrasion, oxygen facials. I’m a spa junkie, and I use Dermalogica skin products as well too,” Fox tells Page Six’s Astra.

However, her top tip is a simple one.

“But mainly I tell everyone, clean your skin. Make sure you take care of your skin, take your makeup off at night,” she says.

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Fox wore a sparkling diamond nameplate necklace and hoop earrings for her visit to Page Six. Brian Zak for Page Six
The star will turn 60 this summer. msvfox/Instagram

“You can hold onto them lashes, but please clean the face at night!” the actress quips.

As for Daniels, his routine is a little more simple, involving “hot water” and “a little moisturizer … and then lay down.”

Fox also chatted about her Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection, telling us that she donates “40 wigs to women going through chemotherapy” each year.

The star tells us that she gets regular oxygen facials. Christopher Peterson / SplashNews.com
She sparkled at the 2024 NAACP Awards. WireImage

“For a woman to lose her hair it can be devastating,” the Batman & Robin” star says, explaining that her company supports women in Philadelphia who are dealing with cancer.

Fox, who started her hair business 16 years ago, tells us that she “got teased” for “selling wigs” when she first launched the company.

However, she’s had the last laugh, explaining “the hair line industry generates over a billion dollars a year.”

The Tyler Perry spoof flick, “Not Another Church Movie,” hits theaters on May 10.