Stars can’t get enough of celebrity stylist Dani Michelle’s under-$200 earrings

As the stylist to stars like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber, Dani Michelle’s got her hands full — and especially well-accessorized.

The fashion fixture launched her own bling brand, Méga, earlier this year, bringing her sought-after style sensibilities to jewelry boxes everywhere — with most bracelets, rings and earrings priced at well under $250.

“When I add really chic jewelry, whether on myself or on clients, it adds character and coolness,” Michelle tells Page Six Style, saying she only designs pieces she’d “want to wear or style with.”

It’s a vision stars (both those on her own client list and beyond) are certainly on board with; her “timeless yet modern” baubles have popped up on everyone from the Kardashian sisters to Olivia Rodrigo, with the Step Earrings ($188) emerging as a particular favorite.

Mega Jewelry

Bieber practically lives in the larger version, and the textured half-hoops have also been spotted on Elsa Hosk and Maren Morris.

“A great earring can complete a cool-girl day look and dress up any moment, and that was my biggest reason I fell in love with jewelry,” says Michelle, who recommends everyone keep both simple huggies and a statement style like the Waterfall Earrings ($160) — a “constant bestseller” — on hand, too.

A pair of small gold hoop earrings

gold earrings

Dani Michelle
“Jewelry felt so right to me; it’s something I never took off and never could get enough of,” Michelle tells us. Dani Michelle/Instagram

Her capsule wardrobe staples also include the Large CZ Donut Earrings ($210) and silver-and-gold Zirconia Stacking Donut Rings ($250) — both nods to one of her favorite fashion rules to break.

“People always think they can’t mix metals, [but] I love mixing silver and gold,” she said. “I think it’s cool, eclectic and even more effortless.”

Khloé Kardashian in a selfie
Khloé Kardashian’s snapped selfies in Méga bling. Mega Jewelry

Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo wore Méga hoops to a panel in January. Getty Images for Lionsgate

And while most of her celebrity clients’ looks will cost you major money (see: Jenner’s recent archival Givenchy Met Gala gown), you won’t need industry access to top off your own outfits as effortlessly as an A-lister.

“Jewelry is our final detail, the final moment to polish the look; it grounds the visions and decorates the concept,” Michelle says of her styling approach.

“Méga is not just the pieces — its how it’s styled together to create a world.”

Below, shop additional Méga styles we love:

Snail Earrings

High Low Earrings

A gold necklace

A gold necklace

Waterfall Earrings