Taylor Swift handles mid-Eras Tour wardrobe malfunction like a total pro: ‘She’s so human’

Taylor Swift briefly paused her Eras Tour show in Stockholm on Sunday to deal with a fashion mishap. Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

She can do it with a broken heart — or a tricky dress.

During her Sunday Eras Tour show in Stockholm, Sweden, Taylor Swift appeared to have a minor wardrobe malfunction in between songs.

As seen in a fan’s viral TikTok, the singer told the crowd to “just talk among yourselves” and undid her blue Roberto Cavalli wrap dress, revealing the sparkling gold bra top she was wearing beneath — part of her look for the new “Tortured Poets Department” section of the show.

The singer told the crowd to “talk amongst yourselves” before fussing with her wrap dress. Getty Images for TAS Rights Management
Confused fans could be heard chatting in the background of the video as Swift unwrapped her outfit.

“She’s having a wardrobe malfunction,” an attendee can be heard saying in the clip, while the caption reads, “I thought she was taking off her dress.”

A crew member quickly appeared onstage to assist the superstar, with a laughing Swift taking the hiccup in stride.

Once the problem was resolved and her dress secured, she regained her composure at the piano and launched into “How Did It End?”, a new song from her recently released album.

“She’s having a wardrobe malfunction,” a fan could be heard clarifying. eroluc/TikTok
Swift handled the problem like a pro, and quickly went back to performing after a crew member came onstage to assist. eroluc/TikTok
It wasn’t the first time the chart-topper’s had a style snafu during the Eras Tour. Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

“Oh errors tour you’ll always be famous,” someone joked in the TikTok’s comments, while another fan wrote, “She’s so human!! I LOVE THIS!!”

It’s not the first time the chart-topper’s had a style snafu during the Eras Tour; during a November 2023 show in Rio de Janeiro, the heel of her bejeweled Christian Louboutin boot broke during the “Lover” portion of the concert; she promptly tossed it into the crowd for one fortunate fan to catch.

And in April of last year, Swift’s garter snapped as she was performing “Lavender Haze,” with her dancers helping her detach the accessory from her dress as she moved into her hit “Anti-Hero.”

Swift didn’t miss a beat, even playing up a particularly apt lyric in the song: “I end up in crisis (tale as old as time).”