Teresa Giudice offers ‘family business cards’ to cop after being pulled over for swerving lanes

Teresa Giudice attempted to hint at her very public identity after getting pulled over for swerving lanes back in April.

After a police officer stopped the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star while she was driving a white sedan in Riverdale, NJ, six months ago, she handed him a “get out of jail free” card.

New body cam footage obtained by TMZ shows a police officer walking toward Giudice’s vehicle. He asked to see her license as she was parked and sitting in the driver’s seat.

The officer explained to Giudice that he pulled her over because he noticed she kept “drifting over to the right side” of the lane and was “going a little slow.”

Giudice claimed that her driving style may have been a result of using a navigation system. She also noted that the vehicle she was driving was new, as her Mercedes-Benz had been stolen two months prior.

The policeman said he was “sorry to hear about that” and began to walk back to his car with her license when she caught his attention.

“I have family business cards, too,” Giudice, 51, said while still sitting in her car.

Before the officer ran her license, Giudice asked if he needed “family business cards.”
The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star was driving a new vehicle at the time as her old one was stolen.

The cop assured Giudice that she did not have to “worry about that,” telling her she’s “all good” before going into his police vehicle with the license.

Upon his return, the officer told Giudice that he was sending her off with just a “warning.”

Giudice continued to apologize several times, explaining that her late father used to drive with only one hand on the top of the wheel, a practice she adapted and was using when she was pulled over.

The officer let Giudice off with a “warning.”

Giudice’s attorney clarified to Page Six that his client was not offering a family business card, but instead, a card she received from a fellow police officer meant for that sort of situation.

“There is no family business card. That is ridiculous. No such card exists or has ever existed. She was referring to a New Jersey State PBA card that was given to her by an acquaintance who is a law enforcement officer and issued her the card,” James Leonard said.

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The lawyer emphasized that Giudice “committed no motor vehicle infraction” and was “extremely cooperative and polite” to the officer.

“Her demeanor in the video is exactly the person she is in real life,” he added.

The Bravolebrity’s attorney shut down any speculation that Giudice was offering anything more than a “PBA card.”
The lawyer emphasized that his client was “extremely cooperative and polite” to the officer.

Leonard shared that he is more interested in who “released” the footage months after it happened.

“The bigger issue here is why is a video of a woman being pulled over, who did absolutely nothing wrong, being released to the public more than five months after the actual motor vehicle stop happened,” he argued.

The Bravolebrity has previously had her fair share of run-ins with the law, as she stayed in prison for 11 months in 2015 after pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud and failing to pay taxes.