Tori Spelling shares pre-nose job headshot in honor of ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ anniversary

Tori Spelling shared the first headshot she took for her “Beverly Hills, 90210” character, Donna Martin, in honor of the show’s 33rd anniversary.

Taken when she was just 15 years old, the photo shows the actress before she underwent any plastic surgery.

“It was taken during the making of the pilot. I was 15 in this pic, before nose job, bleach, and knowing how to pose,” she wrote in a lengthy Instagram caption Wednesday.

“I was just grateful to be there.”

Spelling, 50, explained that she was “trying to prove” her “worth” by making it on her own even though her father, famed producer Aaron Spelling, was one of the showrunners.

“I was just grateful to be there,” she wrote on Instagram.
Courtesy Everett Collection

She pointed out that she was “already Violet Bickerstaff in ‘Saved by the Bell,’” which was not one of her dad’s shows.

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“Look at me 33 years later still pointing out that just bc my Dad was the producer on 90210 I still got other parts on my own by auditioning just like every other actor. Lol,” she wrote.

“Old triggers die hard.”

She also said the photo was taken before “bleach” and “knowing how to pose.”

Tori concluded her statement by writing an inspirational message to her younger self, letting her know that she is “worth something” and would go on to embody an iconic character.

“Don’t listen to anyone that makes you feel any less than you are!” she wrote.

“You can do anything you set your mind, heart, and soul towards doing!”

She concluded her homage with an inspirational message for her younger self that promised she’d go on to “prevail.”

Although Tori is going through a separation from her estranged husband, Dean McDermott, and has been living in an RV with her kids, she maintained an optimistic attitude by telling herself she would “always prevail.”

The “True Tori” alum’s brother, Randy Spelling, recently echoed Tori’s sentiments about herself, telling People magazine that she is “resilient” and navigating her health and financial woes with strength.

Despite her ongoing health issues, which appear to stem from a mold infestation in her rental property, Tori has received criticism for seemingly continuing to go for cosmetic fillers as friends say her finances are “not great.”