Watch Margot Robbie laugh uncontrollably when husband Tom Ackerley seemingly pinches her butt on red carpet

A cheeky moment.

Margot Robbie dissolved into a fit of giggles in New York City Monday night when her husband, Tom Ackerley, seemingly pinched her bottom while taking photos at the 2023 Gotham Film Awards.

The actress and the film producer, both 33, were posing next to “Barbie” director Greta Gerwig, Gerwig’s husband and “Barbie” co-writer Noah Baumbach and Laura Dern in the press room after Gerwig had just won a Tribute Award.

As the crew stood there smiling for cameras, Robbie began to smile, shift around and appear to push off Ackerley’s wandering hand.

Margot Robbie dissolved into laughter when Page Six asked if her husband had been pinching her butt on the red carpet. Getty Images for The Gotham Film & Media Institute

It was then that Page Six felt compelled to ask Robbie, “Is he pinching your bum?” prompting the Australian native to burst into laughter.

“He is, right? He’s pinching your bum?” we continued to inquire without receiving a solid response.

Page Six later asked Ackerley if he did, indeed, pinch his wife’s butt. He told us he hadn’t – though we beg to differ after witnessing the cute moment in person.

Ackerley lifted his hand as if to say, “I’m innocent!” REUTERS

The notoriously private couple, who met in 2013, married in a secret Australian wedding in December 2016. The pair founded a production company, LuckyChap Entertainment, with two other pals in 2014 and were co-producers of “Barbie.”

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Robbie – who played the titular character in the 2023 box office hit – has been channeling various versions of the Mattel doll all year.

During Monday’s event, she paid tribute to 1964’s Black Magic Barbie in a sleek black Prada dress, matching cape and peep toe heels.

Robbie and Ackerley married in 2016 and co-founded a production company together. WireImage

Inside the awards show, Robbie and Gerwig delighted the audience during their speech when the director, clearly overwhelmed, admitted she’s still surprised that the famous actress texts her back.

“Of course I text you back!” Robbie scoffed.

The Oscar nominee then explained that Gerwig, 40, and Baumbach, 54, wrote “Barbie” during the COVID-19 lockdown.

“No one was going to films or making films, and they took an object, a doll with no character or story and cooked up the most ridiculous, outrageous bananas script, in an attempt to conjure back what they love most – movies,” she added.

Robbie and Gerwig were on hand for their movie “Barbie.” Getty Images for The Gotham Film & Media Institute
Robbie shared that she loved the script Gerwig wrote – but didn’t think they would be able to get it made.

Robbie admitted that when she and Ackerley first read the script she had a “minor panic attack,” adding, “Because I thought they’re never going to let us make this.”

Gerwig also noted that they wrote the script specifically with Ryan Gosling in mind for Ken. They then started a “months-long campaign” to woo him for the part – and also be “someone who texts us.”

Other celebs at Monday’s starry event included Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro, Natalie Portman, Julianne Moore, Jeffrey Wright and Colman Domingo.