We tried Taylor Swift’s favorite rip-resistant Sheertex tights, and here’s our honest review

Heartbreakers gonna break, break, break, break, break — but these tights never will.

Taylor Swift’s got no time for snagged stockings, which might explain why she’s been favoring a diamond-patterned pair from Sheertex in recent weeks.

Famed for its ridiculously durable pantyhose, the company makes its super-strong styles from one of the world’s toughest polymers typically used in bulletproof vests and climbing equipment.

At $59 to $99 per pair (though they’re often on sale), they’re definitely pricier than your typical drugstore tights. But in addition to being named one of Time’s Best Inventions of 2018, Sheertex styles — which come with a 90-Day Rip-Resist Guarantee — have become a smash hit with shoppers.

Taylor Swift wearing a plaid outfit
Taylor Swift selected Sheertex’s super-strong textured tights for a night out in NYC in December. TheImageDirect.com

Taylor Swift with other Chiefs WAGs at the team's Christmas game
She’s since worn the style several more times, including at the Chiefs’ Christmas game. brittanylynne/Instagram

“I was used to wearing a pair of tights once – twice if I was lucky – then needing to replace it because of runs and pulls,” one raved of the “revolutionary” design.

Another hailed them as “indestructible” and “impossibly comfy,” while a third simply wrote, “Believe the hype!”

As someone who lives in tights during the colder months but had long sworn off sheers due to general klutziness and cat ownership, I had to try out Sheertex for myself, so I called in several pairs to test over the course of a couple weeks. Below, my honest review of whether they’re worth the splurge.

Sheertex Classic Sheer Rip-Resist Tights

Sizing: Using Sheertex’s size chart as my guide, I ordered these in a medium and they fit pretty well; as a 5-foot-11 gal, I likely could’ve sized up to a large for added length. That said, one of my pet peeves is when tights creep down on my tall frame and I have to constantly yank them up — and Sheertex quite literally held up the whole day long. No pesky drop crotch here!

I also fell in love with the super-high, thick waistband on these tights (a consistency across all three styles I tried); even on my extra-long torso, it hit well above my belly button and hugged my natural waist without any uncomfortable digging, rolling or sagging throughout the day.

Performance: I can’t remember the last time I dared to wear sheer tights; I simply lack the patience required to shimmy each leg up without snagging the delicate fabric. But after I yanked on this pair in the same rough, hurried way I do with my usual opaque stockings, I didn’t spy a single rip or run.

Over the course of my testing, I submitted the stockings to plenty of tugging, stretching and scratching. I even wore them during a play session with my feline friend, Liz Lemon, whose claws were no match for the high-tech material.

Cat scratching tights
Liz Lemon was happy to help me test the tights’ resistance to cat claws, especially because treats were involved. Elana Fishman

Testing Sheertex tights
I tried tugging, scratching and yanking at the tights; nothing left a mark. Elana Fishman

That said, my pair didn’t emerge entirely unblemished; I did notice a few small horizontal lines pop up in spots. According to Sheertex, this is a result of twisted fibers — not snags — and should be easily fixed by pinching either end of the line and tugging, or by massaging the fibers back into place. This worked for the majority (but not all) of my little lines, none of which developed into actual runs.

Bottom line: At last, sheer tights I can wear without fear of a midday wardrobe malfunction! Even the itty-bitty fiber bunches I didn’t manage to massage out were nothing compared to the runs and snags I’ve experienced in the past. These will definitely become part of my regular wardrobe rotation.

Sheertex Mini Dot Control Top Super Sheer Rip-Resist Tights

Sizing: I knew from the start that I wanted to try one of Sheertex’s control-top offerings, and would describe these as offering light, comfortable compression; once on, they don’t feel any more binding than the sheer-to-waist pair. Perhaps because of the thicker knit top, I did find them to run ever so slightly shorter than the classic sheers, a point worth noting if you’re particularly tall or petite. The brand does offer Shortie Sheers for petite folks — but as of right now, nothing tailored toward tall people. Here’s hoping that changes soon!

Performance: Since the classic sheers passed the cat test, I decided to borrow my husband’s toolbox to put this cute polka-dot pair through its paces. Neither scissors nor a wrench left a noticeable mark. I scratched at them with my nails and yanked them around on my legs; again, nothing.

Sheertex tights wrench test
Sheertex’s polka-dot tights passed my wrench test. Elana Fishman

Sheertex tights bunched fibers
Here’s an example of those bunched fibers. Most (but not all) of the time, I was able to remove the lines by grasping either end and tugging sharply. Elana Fishman

After putting the tights on and pulling them off multiple times — because let’s be honest, that’s the real way most folks snag their hosiery, not with scissors — the only visible signs of distress were a few of those same little horizontal lines, many of which I was able to successfully remove using Sheertex’s aforementioned trick.

Bottom line: While I preferred the overall fit and feel of the classic sheers thanks to their slightly longer length, there’s no denying these dots are adorable (not to mention durable). I could see myself reaching for them when I’m looking for legwear with a little extra pizzazz.

Sheertex Modern Diamond Sheer Rip-Resist Tights

Sizing: It makes perfect sense that fellow tall girl Taylor Swift would gravitate toward this particular pair; I found my size medium to run the longest of the three Sheertex styles I tried. In terms of fit, these were flawless.

Performance: As the least sheer of the lot, I figured these tights would probably also be the sturdiest — and indeed, they passed my stretching, tugging and scratching tests with flying colors. After wearing them to the office one day and out to dinner and drinks on another, I couldn’t spy any visible signs of wear; zero bunched fibers to be found.

Elana Fishman wearing Sheertex tights
Channeling Swift, I chose to wear my diamond-patterned tights to a Christmas-themed bar. (Travis Kelce couldn’t make it, sadly.) elanafishman/Instagram

Bottom line: Simply put, I’m smitten with these stockings. They’re seemingly indestructible, plus the subtle diamond pattern is both unique and flattering on the leg. I’ll be living in them all season long — and hopefully for many more to come.

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