Where to shop Selena Gomez’s outfits from ‘Only Murders in the Building’

Whether you’re watching Hulu’s “Only Murders in the Building” for the mystery, the killer cast or the snappy script, one thing’s for sure: Selena Gomez’s Mabel Mora is one of the best-dressed characters on television.

And fans of the show have costume designer Dana Covarrubias to thank for Mabel’s signature mixed patterns and autumnal color palette.

“She’s just stunning and looks stunning in everything,” the wardrobe whiz told Page Six Style at the two-day “‘Only Murders in the Building” pop-up experience at the United Palace, where many of her looks for the series were prominently displayed.

“But people have always been obsessed with what people wear in New York; look at ‘Sex and the City’ or any of the iconic New York TV shows. There’s something about the way people dress in New York that people just love.”

But you don’t have to be the resident of an Upper West Side co-op to copy Mabel’s cool-girl looks.

Below, Covarrubias breaks down her go-to outfit formula for Mabel that’s carried through all three seasons of the series thus far — and shares her go-to shopping sources so you can get her looks for yourself.


“If it’s an interior scene, I’m mostly thinking about what she’s wearing on her top half. I’m looking at an amazing sweater. I’m looking at knitwear that either has a really unique pattern or a really interesting texture, so that the camera can really pick it up. Sometimes it’s oversized, sometimes it’s a beautiful, brilliant color. Something about it has to be slightly iconic or dramatic.

“We do a lot of shopping for her sweaters at & Other Stories. We have to be a little bit budget-conscious, because it’s a huge show — there’s a lot of characters — and a lot of stuff gets bloody! And when she has a stunt double, you need to buy multiples. We’re usually looking at a price range of about $50 to maybe $200 for a sweater.”

& Other Stories Argyle Wool Knit Sweater
& Other Stories

Gauge81 Elche Knitted Cardigan

& Other Stories Mock Neck Sweater
& Other Stories

Selena Gomez in "Only Murders in the Building"

“With an oversized sweater, I usually try to go with a cute little miniskirt. I’ll just go to Bloomingdale’s and hunt them down. I like to go with a structured, A-line [silhouette], and we like to use a lot of pleather. If the sweater’s very busy, I’ll go for something solid; if the sweater’s very simple, I’ll go for a pattern, like a plaid or a houndstooth.”

Alice + Olivia Carter Vegan Leather Pleated Miniskirt
Saks Fifth Avenue

Madewell Buckle-Belt Wrap Miniskirt

Boden Suede A-Line Miniskirt

Selena Gomez in "Only Murders in the Building"

“We always use Sheertex tights, because they don’t rip — at all, ever — and what I like about them is that you can go super opaque or super sheer. She’s running around, doing stunts and wearing these tights over and over again, and they really don’t rip.

“I don’t know what it is about Mabel that I liked having tights for, but it felt a little like a Nancy Drew nod. A sort of 1960s vibe, almost.”

Sheertex Classic Sheer Rip-Resist Tights

Sheertex Semi Opaque Rip-Resist Tights

Sheertex Argyle Semi-Sheer Rip-Resist Tights

Selena Gomez in "Only Murders in the Building"

“For Mabel, it’s got to be a lug-sole boot or a chunky-heeled loafer or oxford. When we were first coming up with ideas for Mabel’s character, that was really important for us: to have her in a shoe that’s realistic for a New York City woman. She can actually walk around all day!

“We use Ganni a lot, we’ve used classic Doc Martens a few times and for the chunky oxfords, I love Office of Angela Scott.”

Ganni Brown Cleated Low Chelsea Boots

Dr. Martens 1460 Boots
Dr. Martens

The Office Of Angela Scott Mrs. Robinson Kiltie Heeled Loafers

Selena Gomez in "Only Murders in the Building"

“When Mabel goes outside, it’s all about the coat; I’ll build her whole outfit from outside in. Similar to the sweaters, I’m looking for something that has texture, that has some sort of drama to it. We’re looking for volume a lot of times, or I’m looking for something that leans very detective.

“Maybe it’s a little rocker, like the faux fur that became iconic from Season 1, or it’s a trench made out of leather or vinyl. Some sort of take on a trench.”

Apparis Tikka Coat

Aria Cove Vegan Leather Trench Coat

H&M Teddy Coat

Selena Gomez in "Only Murders in the Building"

“It’s always a gold hoop earring. We do all different sizes, but I try to think about what she’s doing in the scene; if it’s a date look, she can obviously wear something really big and fun. If I know she’s potentially going to have to take someone down, it’ll be a smaller hoop. It’s usually Jennifer Fisher.

“She has her signature necklaces, which are made by Rellery; one has a little “M” on it, for Mabel, and then the other one has an insignia that’s a marigold, her signature flower. It’s sort of a little nod to her Mexican heritage.”

Jennifer Fisher Samira Mini Hoop Earrings
Saks Fifth Avenue

Jennifer Fisher Samira Hoops
Saks Fifth Avenue

Rellery Marigold Initial Necklace