Whoopi Golberg and Joy Behar rib Sara Haines for daring double-slit leather skirt: ‘Something winked’

She doesn’t want them to enjoy “The View.”

Sara Haines called out Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar for looking at her bold double-slit skirt on Thursday’s episode of “The View.”

Haines, 46, walked out wearing a black button-up shirt over a black leather midi skirt with slits up both the left and right side to show off her legs as she walked on the stage to sit at the “View” table.

Sara Haines scolded Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar for looking at her bold double-slit skirt on Thursday’s episode of “The View.” ABC
Haines walked out in a black leather midi-skirt with slits up both of her legs. ABC

The five co-hosts were discussing comments Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene made about Speaker of the House Mike Johnson when Haines paused her comments to scold Goldberg and Behar.

“Quit looking at my skirt, you guys! I have two neighbors looking straight down,” Haines said while laughing and pointing at Goldberg and Behar.

Behar, 81, chimed in and pointed out that the audience “can’t see” the skin-baring skirt from behind the table, but Goldberg, 68, continued teasing Haines.

Shortly after Thursday’s episode began, Haines called out Goldberg and Behar. ABC
“Quit looking at my skirt, you guys!” Haines said. ABC

“I looked down and something winked at me,” Goldberg joked.

Haines took the jesting in stride and said while giggling, “I expect it from the men, not the women.”

The co-hosts moved on and Haines continued making her point, but the skirt came up once again when Goldberg was introducing guest Jeff Daniels.

Goldberg poked fun at Haines and told her, “I looked down and something winked at me.” ABC
Goldberg continued joking about the bold skirt. ABC

“We are back with the amazing and fabulous Jeff Daniels. Sara has a question –– she and her legs,” Goldberg said.

Haines laughed again and responded, “Both of them, I’m trying not to show them.”

The ABC talk show co-hosts frequently poke fun at each other and none of them are strangers to joking about outfits.

“Sara has a question –– she and her legs,” Goldberg said while Haines giggled. ABC
Haines laughed at the jokes throughout the show. ABC

Behar previously mocked Haines for looking like a “certain Christmas celebration” when the latter wore a green sweater with a red flower on it.

Sunny Hostin also got in on the fun and asked Haines, “Is it Saint Patrick’s Day for you?”

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Alyssa Farah Griffin became a target when Behar asked if she was an “airline stewardess” when she wore a short white collared dress with blue accents on the collar, sleeves and waistline.

Behar has previously enjoyed teasing some of her “View” co-hosts and their outfit choices. ABC
Behar recently teased both Haines and Alyssa Farah Griffin for past outfit choices. ABC

“I’m wondering if you’re serving snacks,” Behar asked Griffin on a January episode.

However, Behar has also been able to take the heat after Ana Navarro –– who was not co-hosting the show one day –– texted her to inform her she looked like Steve Urkel in a pair of high-waisted red pants.

“She goes, ‘Pull your pants down. They’re riding all the way up to your boobs.’ She said, ‘You look like Urkel,’” Behar said while laughing on a November 2023 episode.