Why Kate Middleton cut the price of her wardrobe by nearly 50K in 2023

Kate Middleton cut back in 2023.

The Princess of Wales showed off a number of standout looks this year, debuting everything from trendy new jeans to her custom coronation gown, but despite her ever-expanding clothing collection, one thing she didn’t do was up the price of her royal wardrobe.

Page Six Style calculated the overall cost of items the 41-year-old princess debuted in 2023 (not including custom pieces or outfits that could not be definitively identified), with the royal rolling out an impressive $72,433 in new clothing and accessories.

However, compared to 2022, she spent $47,163 less on new pieces; In contrast, Middleton sported a whopping $119,596 in 2022.

And while the price tag of her wardrobe this year was less, the Princess of Wales also wore 37 fewer new items (minus custom pieces) in general, especially in the fall when she repeated a number of trouser suits.

The princess relied on affordable Zara blazers on several occasions this year. Getty Images
She gave an old pantsuit a fresh look with a new belt and blouse. WireImage
The cost of her custom Alexander McQueen coronation outfit is unknown. POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Despite the lower price tag and fewer new items, the mom of three amped up her royal work engagements in 2023, making 123 appearances versus only 90 last year, per The Telegraph.

While she certainly wore some pricey pieces like a $3,820 Jenny Packham evening gown and a $4,191 retro glam Erdem skirt set, the royal also rocked a number of more affordable outfits like Mother’s The Dazzler jeans ($228) and under-$100 Zara blazers.

Of course, we’ll never know the total cost of her new wardrobe this year, with pieces like her stunning Alexander McQueen coronation gown and bright green Trooping the Colour outfit having been custom-made for the princess at unknown costs.

One of the royal’s most expensive 2023 outfits was the Erdem look she wore on Commonwealth Day. Samir Hussein/WireImage
She chose a relaxed look for a November visit with a dad’s group. Getty Images
The royal went with custom Andrew Gn for Trooping the Colour 2023. Getty Images

The creator behind the popular Instagram account Royal Fashion Police (who prefers to remain anonymous) tells Page Six Style that she believes “the decrease in Kate’s wardrobe costs this year is primarily attributed to the absence of a royal tour or foreign visit,” nothing that we didn’t see the Waleses head on a major tour like 2022’s Caribbean trip or visit to Boston, which often bring ballgowns and jewels.

“Kate certainly invested more effort into re-wearing this year compared to the last,” the social media creator adds.

However, Royal Fashion Police added that the princess’ “re-wear percentage, while improved, remains relatively low compared to other royals,” citing Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, Spain’s Queen Letizia and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark as examples of royal women who focus on recycling their wardrobes.

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The princess sported a number of trouser suits this year. Getty Images
She re-wore a pink Me+Em dress to the Chelsea Flower show. Getty Images

The Princess of Wales also cut back on jewelry this year — to the dismay of one former Vogue editor —  re-wearing a number of pieces and buying more affordable items like under-$25 Accessorize earrings and Halcyon Days bangles ($215).

She even wore a pair of $30 Zara statement earrings on the BAFTAs red carpet in 2023, while in 2022 she debuted several big-budget accessories like a set of 1920s diamond brooches totaling $18,441 and a pair of $13,200 Robinson Pelham diamond star earrings.

Whether her sartorial shift has to do with focusing on sustainable choices or a more business-like approach to her royal duties, we have a feeling the Princess of Wales is in for a stylish 2024 either way.